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The Analysis on the Suppliers Behavior of Rural Public Goods in the Country

Author ChenWenDian
Tutor LuoLiYing
School Hunan University
Course Theoretical Economics
Keywords Rural public goods Supplier of public goods Economic behavior Rent-seeking
CLC F320
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Government supply of public goods, market supply or public-private joint supply,is the research focus of China’s academic in this field. The study focus on the lowefficiency of China’s supply of public goods problem shifted to the supply model,deviate the nature of the problem about low efficiency of the supply of public goods.The paper investigates the nature reason of inefficient supply in the fields of ruralpublic goods, from the main role’ status quo in the process of the supply of ruralpublic goods, with the role’ behavior starting point, analysis the role’s distortionbehavior and inefficient in the "economic man" assumptions.First, this paper gives a detailed literature review to the suppliers of public goodsand the behavior of our country’ main public goods supplier, and also gives a cleardefinition about the supply of public goods and production of public goods. Definitionis beneficial to the operation of market mechanisms about the analysis of public goods,and the introduction of institutional factors, and contributes to the expansion anddeepens analysis of the main role’s economic behavior.Secondly, with our present situation to build a rural public goods supply chain,on this basis, the main role of rural public goods divided into the local government,private enterprises and farmers. Based on this the paper analysis the three roles’economic behavior in the process of rural public goods, and then build models toexplore the efficiency of the roles’ economic behavior. This paper mainly from twolevels to analyze the behavior of the main roles: the first level is to analyze the roles’own economic behavior in the supply process, from the static perspective to researchthe single role’s economic behavior and efficiency in the supply process of ruralpublic goods; The second level is to analysis the economic behavior of roles whenthey have a interest conflict and the efficiency of this situation, want to research theeconomic behavior and efficiency from a dynamic perspective.At last, combined the results of the analysis, propose policy recommendations tothe low efficiency of the roles in the supply process of rural public goods: Shouldestablish a strict system between Local governments, to put an end to the failure ofthe supply of rural public goods because of the pursuit of officials’ maximizing theirown interests; Change the authority acceptance of the private production of publicgoods to the farmers, in order to achieve the effective supervision of the production behavior of private enterprises; Government departments should establish anincentive mechanism between the farmers, in order to induce the farmers’ activecooperation, achieve their voluntarily supply of rural public goods. For the supply ofrent-seeking behavior between roles, on the one hand, needs to establish aprocess-oriented process system, in order to deprive the space of rent-seeking. On theother hand, needs to increase the penalties for the roles’ rent-seeking, the severepunishment mechanism can also prevent the occurrence of rent-seeking behavior.

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