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Study on the Current Situation and Development Countermeasure of Farmers’ Specialized Cooperative Organization in Nenjiang County

Author FanDongYu
Tutor WangGenLin
School Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Course Rural and Regional Development
Keywords Farmer professional cooperation the development countermeasures Nenjiang County
CLC F321.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Farmers’ specialized cooperative organization filled the system and the economic gap ideallybecause of the lack of between the government and the market, which become the government andthe market system is an important economic organization quickly in the latter half of the last century.Since the reform and opening up, China’s farmers’ specialized cooperative organization have developed rapidly, which dedicates to various types of rural service. In this background, the city ofNenjiangCountybring the farmers’ specialized cooperative economic organizations into fully play,for vigorously promoting agricultural modernization, strengthening the agricultural cooperative economic organizations and improving farmers’ access to markets at the tissue level, to take the landand white-collar office and to joint homework and other forms. However, in term of the per capitaincome of farmers’ specialized cooperatives in one, it is less than the per capita income of farmersin Heilongjiang Province and other members of cooperatives, which shows farmer cooperatives and capital figures are very big differences, between Nenjiang County and Heilongjiang Province,even China. It needs to be further developed.It studies farmers’ specialized cooperative organizations in NenjiangCounty by system analysis, the reference case analysis, theory and practice of combining methods. Firstly, to analysis the development of farmer cooperatives in county and abroad. Secondly, to analysis farmer cooperatives status in NenjiangCounty. Then, to analysis the classic cases in the farmers’ cooperatives in NenjiangCounty analysis, for research of Nenjiang farmers’ cooperatives work achievements and socialvalue. Finally, to propose a solution about Nenjiang’s farmers cooperatives development countermeasures.During the past three years, the cooperatives of Nenjiang County had a rapid development.Number of farmers’ professional cooperatives increased from42in2009to238in2011andgrowth rate was192.8%,93.5%respectively. The capital contribution had an increase of1.7and2.0billion respectively, and the total number of the cooperative had a very significant increase for694%,58.9%. According to the above statistic data, we drew a conclusion that the scale andquantity of Nenjiang County farmers’ professional cooperatives had developed steadily. But incontrast with the advanced regions of the province, the Nenjiang County farmers’ professionalcooperatives had so many problem, such as the scale is small, the speed of development is slow,the anti-risk capability is weak and quantity is better than quality, restructuring build is better thanoperations and so on.This thesis selected several universality and representative of the professional cooperatives toanalysis the development process and development mode, including the Liming village of Yilahatown beef cattle breeding professional cooperatives and Luweipao village reed, soybean plantingprofessional cooperatives, etc. Taken together, Nenjiang County farmers’ professional cooperativesdeveloped certain scale, explored a series of practical mechanism, and have obtained the certain economic benefits and social benefit.Based on the empirical results above, the following countermeasures are given. Cooperativeshould intensify the propaganda, improve the awareness of the importance of the development offarmer cooperatives; cooperative should further strengthen practical training in rural areas to solvethe problem of the lack of the cooperative management. The policy support mechanisms should beestablished and improved to enhance co-operatives development potential. In order to improve thelevel of development of cooperatives, the construction of demonstration community should bestrengthen. Cooperative should innovate the service mode to improve the ability of thedevelopment of cooperatives.

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