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The Comparison Study of China and India’s Agriculture Trade Policies in WTO’ Agricultural Agreement

Author ZhaoXiaoHong
Tutor LvChunCheng
School Shanxi University of Finance
Course Industrial Economics
Keywords WTO agricultural agreement agriculture trade policy
CLC F744
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy, is the premise of the country’s stability.In every country’ national economy, agriculture’s position can not be underestimated. China andIndia had always paid great attention to agriculture. Because of requirements and guidance of theWTOagricultural agreement, China and India both need to adjust their domestic agriculturalproducts trade policy and agricultural support policy. But on the other hand, India and China needgive agriculture special protection and support to ensure the domestic agricultural production,ensure the safety of the country and food. Compared with China, India has abundant experience、lessons and achievements to deal with the requirements of the WTO’ agricultural agreement, whichhas important significance to our country.This paper is divided into six parts. The first part is the introduction, and this part introducesthe research background, research at home and abroad, research methods and innovative points. Thesecond part is the China and India’s agriculture in their domestic situation, through the China andIndia’s agriculture in the national economy, the status of agricultural resources condition, theagricultural production structure and agricultural policy to analyze and compare. The third part isChina’s and India’s foreign trade of agricultural products, through the trade between China and Indiaand agricultural products trade structure to analyze and compare. The fourth part is China andIndia’s agricultural products market access, through China and India’s market access commitmentsin the agricultural agreement, and actual implementation of market access to compare. The fifth partis China and India’s agricultural domestic support, through China and India’s agricultural domesticsupport in the agricultural agreement, and actual implementation of agricultural domestic support.The sixth part is the China and India’s agricultural products export competition, through China andIndia’s agricultural products export competition in the agricultural agreement, and actualimplementation of agricultural products export competition.

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