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Chinese banks to implement the strategic transformation of outlets

Author ZhuFengLin
Tutor ZhangYingLi
School Jilin University
Course Business Administration
Keywords Bank of China Branch Strategic transformation Channel
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In recent years, our country because socio-technical and economic environment has undergone profound changes, increasing competition in the banking industry peers, as well as the development of the theory of international finance, domestic and foreign banks to achieve their strategic objectives, have to change their management philosophy, the main target discharge individuals in the domestic financial market, to develop low-cost personal finance business has become the focus of competition of modern commercial banks, and the development of personal financial services network as the main channel, which play the role of commercial banks got great attention, network strategy transformed into commercial banks operating in transition extremely important part. I worked at the Bank of China grass-roots network, through the reform and opening up the banking sector generated a profound impact, and the Bank of China in recent years from the restructuring and listing to the system, institutions, business process transformation. This strategic transformation of China's banking outlets is extremely concerned about, and has a deep knowledge and insights. The research method First, theoretical analysis and practical research combining the corporate strategic management theory and channel management theory and Chinese banking network conditions and domestic and foreign banks in transition mode combined with the Bank of China outlets draw strategic transformation of the basic mode. The second is to take comparison and reference methods, Bank of China outlets at home and abroad interbank compared to identify strengths and weaknesses, analyze the experience of domestic and international success branch transformation to find more suitable for the Bank of China branch transformation of ideas and strategies. This innovative: First, in the study, not on the branch transformation in terms of restructuring, but will branch transformation work into the development of the strategic transformation of the Bank of China in terms of height transformation, network transformation is related to the overall business strategy of the Bank of China's transformation whether or not the important part. The second is for the four branch transformation implementation steps well elaborated close to reality, operability, especially the staff proposed network problem determines corporate loyalty effect branch transformation success, with a strong innovation. This paper first introduces the Bank of China branch in the status quo and existing contradictions and problems, based on the analysis of the need for the Bank of China branch transformation are: personal financial services needs of market competition, the economic environment and the need for changes in customer demand, is to change the profit structure and improve profitability needs, is to build the core competitiveness needs. This article based on the theory of strategic management SWOT analysis matrix, service profit chain model and channel management theory, as the Bank of China outlets theoretical basis for strategic transformation, and a brief description of the theory. After the transformation of foreign commercial bank outlets successful model analysis can be summarized in five points: 1, according to the network transformation strategy to develop competitive strategies. 2, the integration of channel resources, strengthen marketing capabilities. 3, business process design reflects the customer-centric philosophy. 4, IT technology to support business development. 5, improve human resource management and appraisal system promotes business development. On this basis, combined with the strategic positioning of the Bank of China branch transformation, namely by strengthening channel management, the implementation of channel integration, accelerate the cultivation and enhance core competitiveness, and with reference to IBM's transformation of the Chinese banking outlets recommendations put forward the Bank of China branch transformation The basic strategy is: the traditional transaction-based outlets, transforming to enhance customer satisfaction and increase sales an important channel for making sales-type outlets, and then build a full-featured network, with as much class wealth management center, to achieve the Bank of China differentiated service model. Improved network operating mode, optimize network layout, and promote multi-class wealth management and network integration mode. To achieve these goals, we propose a strategic transformation of the Bank of China branch general idea is: 1, network-centric transformation from a bank to a customer as the center, to follow the market changes and customer needs, more attention to enhance product functionality, pay more attention to improving service quality. 2 outlets from the extended development transition to quality and efficiency, to achieve capital gains, the risk of mutual matching and homeostasis. 3, from distributed network management system transition to centralized management system, to achieve intensive management, flat management. Specific steps are: 1, dot physical integration. One is to re-sort the existing outlets, according to customer-centric principles for the network to re-layout. The second is based on a regional realities and future economic development to determine the overall number of outlets, the siting of new outlets to do the work. Third, wealth management center of the building. Fourth, self-service equipment, electronic equipment, network equipment, auxiliary building. Five outlets renovation is to form a unified style. Sixth outlets organizational structure and staffing (according to the different types of outlets equipped). 2, network business integration. Change the existing pattern of traditional transaction-based network, changes to the sales-type outlets, and then build a full-featured network. First, integration of all personal banking products, the realization of all outlets on product sales. Two financial products are abundant and agent products to meet different levels of customer demand and increase revenue. Third is to improve the public business products on the network coverage, the realization of the public business network transformation. 3, the network process reengineering. First, the network management process reengineering, divided into organizational management, operational security management, risk assessment and management. Second, business process reengineering, in accordance with the front, middle and background mode of thinking to restructure. Third, IT systems reengineering, centralization of data services. 4, the network service integration. Network integration services sales outstanding customer-centric, to achieve a unified service interface, focusing on customer service experience to achieve consistency and sales of professional products to promote networks to improve competitiveness and performance, establish a brand image. On this basis, but also pay special attention to two aspects of the problem, which is based on different market positioning of each dot, dot the surrounding environment according to the different outlets established a clear pattern corresponding network strategy and specialty outlets employees corporate loyalty building, network staff The corporate loyalty-building related to the Bank of China branch strategic transformation success and future development of the fate of this from two aspects, namely corporate culture and cultivate talent. In this paper, the main part of the final chapter, summed up China bank branches strategic transformation from the physical, business processes to assess changes in business direction through the network transformation evaluation criteria, the Bank of China outlets strategic transformation to become a complete system of . In the last high-level overview of the main conclusions of this paper put forward the issue to be studied further, that the process of transition outlets Systematic Development of human resource management issues.

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