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Study on the Development of Rural Service Industry in Jilin Province

Author WangFeiXiang
Tutor ShenSongDong
School Jilin University
Course Industrial Economics
Keywords Rural service industry Competitiveness Influence factor Developmentcountermeasure
CLC F326.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In the middle of20th century, the global industry structure began to change,from the initial "industrial economy" to "service-oriented economy".After60years ofthe world’s economic development, the service industry has become the core of theworld’s economic development. At present, service industry production of developedcountries like European and American has exceeds75%of GDP, the proportion of themiddle-income countries are between50%~60%. even in low income countries, theaverage proportion is around44%. Therefore, Service industry which developsrapidly is bound to become one of the important characteristics of the world’s moderneconomic development.In the economic globalization today, as the world’s most populous country,China will become one of the core services markets around the world. After30yearsof reform and opening up, the economic achievements of our country are obvious toall, the economy has obtained a leap-style development. Today, the economicstructure of China will face a new adjustment. In this background, the serviceindustry will be the heart of the economic structural adjustment, it will promoteChina’s sustained economic growth, make full employment and expand domesticdemand. China is an agricultural country, agriculture remains the foundation of thenational economy in our country, at present the proportion of our rural populationaccounts for the total population remains above50%. After30years of sustainedeconomic development, while China’s rural residents solved the food problem basically, but some of the new rural problems are emerging constantly: agricultureefficiency declines, the transfer of rural surplus labor is not solve well, the farmers’income is shortage, ecological environment worsens... It means that, today, our ruraldevelopment mode has been unable to adapt to the trend of The Times, our countrymust be to reform and adjust our rural economic development pattern. Rural serviceindustry as a new industry, will bring the important opportunities for the developmentof rural economy in China, it will effectively solve the problem of the rural surpluslabor, extend the way which increases farmers’ income, improve the rural residentsincome... So it will be a standard to measure China’s socialist new rural constructionis success or not that whether or not can rural service industry be fast, effective andhealthy development.As a big agriculture province in our country, Jilin province playes a veryimportant role for the development of rural economy in China. Yet because of Jilinprovince has been developing of industrialization, less emphasis on the developmentof service industry, it inhibits the development of service industry, makes rural serviceindustry development level being relatively lag, thus it hinders the development ofrural economy and the transfer of rural surplus labor force.But, in recent years, Ourcountry pay more and more attention to the countryside, a series of policies aboutcities support rural construction, industry feeds agriculture, building a new socialistcountryside rolled out, this provides an important opportunity for Jilin province torapid develop the rural service industry.The article studies the related theories about rural service industry and thepresent situation and problems about rural service industry development in China.Then, this article do some in-depth study the present situation of rural service industrydevelopment in Jilin province. On this basis, using the methods of principal component analysis and factor analysis, this article sets up an evaluation system ofrural service industry’s competitiveness. After that, this article makes comparativeanalysis of rural service industry’s competitiveness about China’s31provinces andcities that except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. And then we get thecomprehensive ranking of the rural service industry competitiveness about all theprovinces and cities. At the same time, through the analysis of the17years historicaldata of Jilin province rural service industry, this article finds out the important factorsaffecting the development of Jilin province rural service industry, and puts forwardthe corresponding countemeasure, to provide references for the development of ruralservice industry in our province.

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