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The Countermeasure Research of Moderate Scale Management of Agriculture in Henan Province

Author SuZhiHui
Tutor CaoMingGui
School Xinyang Normal University
Course Political Economics
Keywords Henan province Agriculture moderate scale management Thedevelopment research
CLC F327
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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China is a traditional agricultural country, has the development of agricultural scale operation of the natural advantages. Under the impact of the modernization and mercerization, China agriculture appeared many new contradictions and problems, such as the traditional mode of production of small agriculture economy a small area of the land and the contradiction between modern large-scale agricultural machinery, shock of low fares and friendly foreign agricultural products and farmers’ traditional ideas of bondage and land scale operation and the contradiction between the existing land circulation mechanism, etc. These contradictions and problems that the development of China’s agriculture is in a state of stagnation. As human survival the basic production, the land is the source of agricultural income, agricultural stagnant state, if you want to change the present use of limited agricultural land resources to create more value, developing agricultural scale operation is a good choice.From the central committee of the communist party of China decided to carry out rural reform experimental zone in1987and actively explore new ways of agricultural development, agricultural scale operation become agricultural innovation system of one of the most effective way to agricultural development. Agricultural scale operation is a kind of production mode of operation, through the scale characteristics of agricultural production factors to improve the production efficiency of agriculture, increase farmers’ income, and improve the level of agricultural modernization. Everywhere in the process of actively explore effective forms of scale operation form many characteristic patterns suited to the local actual situation, such as Changle model of Haimen city in Jiangsu province, southern Jiangsu and Guangdong family farms, etc. At moderate scale management of agriculture development is the objective requirement of the development of modern agriculture in our country. Agriculture occupies an important position in China’s economic development in Henan province. Henan province is located in the central plains, climate, soil conditions for agricultural production, is an important grain-producing areas. In Henan province is located in China’s eastern, central and western three areas at the junction, traffic is very convenient, with the continuous development of science and technology and education in recent years for the agricultural development provides a large number of high-quality talent, continuous improvement of agricultural infrastructure and the social service system provides the feasibility to realize the agricultural scale operation in Henan province.This article through the analysis of the characteristics and forms of current agricultural production in Henan province, found that there is a low degree of land circulation of agricultural production in Henan province, the agricultural capital shortage, low degree of agricultural industrialization, lack of perfect social security system, agricultural mercerization management mechanism is imperfect and so on. By drawing on the successful experience of home and abroad, analysis the moderate scale management is the inevitable choice of agricultural production in Henan province. Through system analysis, puts forward the countermeasures of promoting agricultural appropriate scale operation in Henan province:establish a mechanism for flexible land circulation; Encourage factor in production; Scientific planning and promoting agricultural scale development; Vigorously develop the rural collective economy; To vigorously develop rural education; Establishing and perfecting the social service system; Further innovation and improvement of scale production organization form.

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