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Institutional innovation, financial innovation and improve SME financing

Author ZhouChengJian
Tutor TianYiXiang
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Business Administration
Keywords Institutional innovation Financial Innovation SMEs Financing to improve
CLC F276.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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While SMEs in the national economy plays an important role, but due to the small scale of assets, high-risk, low credibility, pledged assets can be less, and many other reasons, SMEs have been facing financing difficulties. U.S. financial crisis, China's small and medium enterprises financing environment worsened. The purpose of this study is to explore ways to improve the financing of SMEs and methods. Currently more research on SME financing, but on financial innovation and SME financing less improvement literature, although there have been some innovative SME financing of research, but most of them belonging to introduce nature, there is no depth from the root system research. Institutional innovation is the main system through the establishment of a new system for potential profit activity. Generalized financial innovation in the financial sector means the occurrence of all forms of innovation activities. In this paper, we propose a conceptual model and point of view, based on the existing SME financing contractual relationship, through institutional innovation, financial innovation, you can change the existing pattern of contractual relationships, which does not change in the case of financing instruments to achieve SME financing the improvement and Pareto improvement. Specifically, the paper adopts case study method, using a specific case to prove our point. CDJJ Industrial Park, part of the business outlook is very good, but the lack of liquidity, to be financed from the bank. In accordance with the bank's operating rules, companies must provide collateral or guarantees. At present, banks basically take the land use rights as collateral. But the reality is that enterprises in the park in the park because of financial reasons, or when the accreditation cycle reasons, has not yet obtained the land use right certificates. Therefore, the enterprise does not have a realistic land use rights in the bank must be realistic land use rights for a loan conditions precedent, the result would be companies can not get loans. Furniture industrial park enterprises to solve the financing problem, CDJJ Industrial Park Administrative Committee, corporate and bank tripartite close communication and cooperation, bold exploration, ultimately produce furniture industrial park, corporate and banking cooperation and innovative financing models, greatly ease the enterprises in the park financing problem. By CDJJ industrial park, corporate and banking cooperation and innovation case analysis, we found that: (1) institutional innovation, financial innovation to improve SME financing is important to change the current financing of SMEs is an important way to encourage a variety of financial innovation ; (2) the system of corporate financing process innovation, financial innovation and motivation comes from business and government, the process of institutional trading potential profit opportunities; (3) the system of government in SME financing has a positive role in the innovation process.

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