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Probing into Small and Micro Enterprises Development Strategy

Author BaiJunYu
Tutor ZhouYong; ZhangHuiYang
School Wuhan University of Science and Technology
Course Business Administration
Keywords small and micro enterprise enterprise strategy development strategy operating system
CLC F276.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Along with the deepening reform and opening-up of our country and the rapiddevelopment of economy, SMEs have become important forces in the development of society,and they have made outstanding contributions to the development of the national economy andsolved problems of urban employment. China is experiencing a wave of increasing of thenumber and the scale, and also some star enterprises are emerging. However, many SMEsgrew to a certain stage and died off for various reasons. Especially, small and microenterprises account for the majority.Many scholars domestic and abroad have studied the development of small and microenterprises. But the focus of the study is usually on solving the practical problems of how aresmall and micro enterprises financing, how to avoid the risk. The research on small and microenterprises development strategy as well as the operating system is still relatively little. In fact,the height of our awareness of small and micro enterprises in the development of the strategicissues is not enough. Such enterprises usually in a bold innovation and bold decisions tochoose the development direction, but this simple strategy selection method isn’t cleardirection for the long-term development of enterprise.The enterprises which still in the stageof small and micro should formulate the scientific development strategy and the effectiveoperation and management system. In this thesis, taking a small and micro enterprise as thecase basis, through the theoretical research, case studies and other methods, conduct researchthe venture strategic development of small and micro enterprises in China, and through theanalysis, the author want to find the feasible method for the selection and implementation ofthe development strategy for small micro enterprises.This thesis is divided into five chapters. The first chapter based mainly on enterprisesstrategic management related theory, and combined with practical problems of small microenterprises, analyzed and explored the development strategic issues of small micro enterprises,summed up the universal strategic types and the selection method for small micro enterprisesin the entrepreneurial process. The second and third chapters are taking the small and microenterprises——JY company as the example. Through background, problem elaborating,environmental analysis and operations analysis to research and dissect, to find the core issuesin the development process of the company. The fourth and fifth chapters, in accordance withthe theoretical content and combined with the practical problems, redefined and redesigned thecorporate strategy and internal management of JY company in YD courier company, found thesolution method to the problems existent such as enterprise strategy formulation and operationsystem construction for small and micro enterprises in the development process, and drew thefinal conclusions.

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