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Research on the Credit Guarantee Problems of the Credit Financing for the Small-and-micro Enterprise in China

Author DuanYanCai
Tutor ZhaoQingGuo
Course Business management
Keywords small-and-micro enterprise credit financing credit guarantee
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The important role and status of the small-and-micro enterprises in China’s economicdevelopment has been recognized, they have been the important strength that promotingsustained economic growth and creating jobs in China. However, no matter from systemdesign, or the actual execution, the biggest problem they met within their growth anddevelopment was lack of money to expand production. Credit financing is the key channel forsmall-and-micro enterprise to overcome the lack of money in China, but due to the lack ofcredit, the development of the credit guarantee system for small-and-micro enterprise incurrent China lags behind a lot and needs to be perfect. Therefore, it’s not enough only toexpand small-and-micro enterprise’s financing channel to solve the difficulty in financingsmall-and-micro enterprise, what’s more fundamental is to develop suitable credit guaranteesystem for the current small-and-micro enterprise development, making credit funds moreconvenient to small-and-micro enterprises, improving the accessibility of credit funds forsmall-and-micro enterprise and promoting the development of small-and-micro enterprisethemselves, and promoting the sustainable development of the national economy. The papermainly divided into seven parts:The first part is the introduction. It mainly introduces why to study the problem of creditguarantee within small-and-micro enterprise credit financing in China, and significantlyintroduces the background, theoretical significance, subject research methods and design, andsums up the innovation and the insufficiency of the study, the paper sums up the creditfinancing status, credit guarantee problems and countermeasures and related research of thesmall-and-micro enterprise through collecting the detailed literature both domestic andforeign, and then made clear the research direction of the paper.The second part of the paper is related to some definition and concepts. This chapter ofthe paper defines the concept of the small-and-micro enterprise in detail from both home andabroad angle, and introducing the connotation, nature and function of credit guarantee clearly,making clear the scope of distance for the subsequent discusses and analyzes, preventing the confused definitions, ensuring the preciseness of the subject.The third part introduced the credit guarantee status of the credit financing forsmall-and-micro enterprise from the domestic and foreign angle. Due to the differenteconomic development level and financial market degree, there are different credit financingmodels for small-and-micro enterprise, the most characteristic example are the United Statesand Japan. By analyzing the credit finance models of the small-and-micro enterprise in thistwo countries, extracting the similarities and differences of the small-and-micro enterprisecredit financing in different market economy condition, and comparing with our creditfinancing pattern, then more thoroughly and comprehensively reading present situation andanalyzing reasons of our small-and-micro enterprise credit financing.The fourth part is to analyze present condition of credit guarantee for the small-microenterprise credit financing. Up to now, all over the world has paid attention to the constructionof credit guarantee system for small-micro enterprise. This part firstly introduced thedevelopment situation of credit guarantee for the small-micro enterprise by areas and byindustries, and then illustrates the accumulated problem of credit financing for thesmall-micro enterprise in our country from the market credit loss, the development ofguarantee agencies, credit guarantee service capacity as well as our country credit guaranteemacro environment in recent years.The fifth part is mainly to analyze our country’s small-micro enterprise credit financingcharacteristics. This part mainly analyze credit financing characteristics of our country’ssmall-micro enterprise from the commercial credit mechanism construction, credit financingcost and financing system mechanism condition, and laid the solid foundation forscientifically analyzing credit guarantee problem of small-micro enterprise credit financing.The sixth part tries to build an evaluation system of credit financing guarantee ability forour country’s small-micro enterprise. By analyzing the financing guarantee evaluationfoundation of small-micro enterprise, this paper established the suitable evaluation system offinancing guarantee ability for China’s small-micro enterprise. Based on a high-tech type ofsmall-micro enterprise in Wuhan, the paper analyzes the applicability of the evaluation system for financing guarantee. The paper hopes that the financing guarantee index of our country’ssmall-micro enterprise can bring some enlightenment and reference to our credit financingconstruction.Part7had put forward some solutions and suggestions that both to take care now, also toconsider the future for the small-and-micro enterprise in China through scientific analysis, andthat is based on the credit financing guarantee problem now.

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