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A Study on Sustainable Development of Tourism Industry of Chang Bai Mountain Nature Reserve

Author LiYang
Tutor WuZuo
School Jilin University
Course Regional Economics
Keywords Chang Bai Mountain Nature Reserve Eco-tourism Environmental CarryingCapacity Sustainable Development
CLC F592.7
Type PhD thesis
Year 2012
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Since China’s reform and development, the rapid development ofindustrialization and urbanization, the growing popularity and diversified consumerdemand provide new opportunities for the rapid development of tourism. Chinesegovernment attached great importance to tourism industry. The development ofdomestic and foreign tourism showed the following trends: international tourism isbooming and developing countries become foreign visitors’ important destination;individual travel, leisure tourism, eco-tourism is increasingly becoming the primaryway to travel.At the same time, in order to ease the imbalance of China’s regional economicdevelopment, China’s regional economic development strategy put more emphasis onpromoting coordinated regional development. The implementation of main functionalareas of strategy, according to the carrying capacity of resources and environment,existing development density and potential for development, co-ordination to considerthe future of China’s population distribution, economic layout, land use, andurbanization patterns, land space is divided into optimized development, keydevelopment, restricted development and prohibited development areas. For theserestricted development and prohibited development areas, the tourism industry as theonly development industry is very important.For these nature reserves, its unique advantages in resources require to carry outsustainable tourism. as focusing on the protection of the environment, responsibletravel to natural areas, and sustainable local residents’ welfare, eco-tourism becomethe best way of Nature Reserve tourism development, and the Nature Reserve is alsothe best place to carry eco-tourism. Eco-tourism not only is the effective way to dealwith sustainable development of tourism in the nature reserve, but also is theimportant means to prompt rapid economic development of restrictions and theprohibition development areas.Above all, this paper makes research on the sustainable development of tourism of Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve. We analyze the maintenance of the ChangbaiMountain Nature Reserve ecological balance, the ecological environmental benefits,the pursuit of appropriate tourism economic and social benefits, and reasonabledevelopment of eco-tourism and protection under the premise of emphasis onconservation and sustainable development. This provided an important decisionmaking basis for Changbai Mountain nature reserve protection and sustainabledevelopment, the eco-tourism development path. Therefore, this study is of importanttheoretical and practical significance.In this paper, a comprehensive system combing the relevant literature andclassification elaborate on sustainable development, on the basis of the theory ofecological ethics, environmental systems and ecosystem, environmental carryingcapacity, ecological footprint, Sustainable Development of Tourism in ChangbaiMountain Nature Reserve in-depth research, including the development of ecologicalenvironment and eco-tourism in the Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve ecotourismenvironmental capacity evaluation of Changbai Mountain Changbai Mountain tourismsustainable development evaluation, as well as to promote the sustainabledevelopment of eco-tourism in Changbai Mountains Suggestions. Text is divided intosix chapters; the specific structure of the paper is as follows:Chapter1is an introduction. This part includes research background andsignificance of the paper, Review of relevant literature, and the research content andmethods; given the structural arrangements and the main innovations of this article.Chapter2is the related concept and basic theory. This chapter summarized theexisting theory of eco-tourism; sustainable development provides a solid theoreticalfoundation for the study of the Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve.Chapter3is the ecological environment and the development of eco-tourism ofthe Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve. In this chapter, we set forth the ecologicalenvironment and tourism resources in Changbai Mountain Natural Reserve system ofclassification. Then we introduced quantitative analysis of the development ofeco-tourism in Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve. Finally, we made an in-depthanalysis of the development of tourism and problems of the ecological environmentChangbai Mountain Tourism.Chapter4is the evaluation of Changbai Mountain ecotourism environmentalcapacity. This chapter begins with the theoretical connotation of ecotourismenvironmental capacity; secondly, we introduced the evaluation method of the ecotourism environmental capacity. Finally, using the above method, we made anevaluation on Changbai Mountain ecotourism environmental capacity, and obtainedthe maximum daily visitors of the Changbai Mountain scenic area and Tianchi scenic.Chapter5is the evaluation of the sustainable development of eco-tourism ofChangbai Mountain. This chapter proposed quantitative evaluation method ofsustainable development for eco-tourism of Changbai Mountain. Second, we build theevaluation index system of eco-tourism resources in Changbai Mountain NatureReserve, and made evaluation; then we carry out the analysis and evaluation onChangbai Mountain Nature Reserve. Finally, we made static and dynamic evaluationon the conditions and effectiveness of the sustainable development of eco-tourism inChangbai Mountain.Chapter6is the suggestions to promote the sustainable development ofeco-tourism of Changbai Mountains.Based on the above analysis, this paper obtains the following importantconclusions:1. Through analyzing Changbai Mountain ecotourism environmental capacity,based on barrel principle method, we come to the important conclusion of ChangbaiMountain ecotourism environmental capacity.556million visitors with a maximumdaily capacity of23000tourists, and the Tianchi scenic tourists capacity for1.5million visitors, the instantaneous maximum tourists capacity for north slope, westernslope, southern slope of Tianchi is1800,1500and500people respectively.2. We also do research on the natural environment, economic, psychologicalbearing capacity, and found that problems can be resolved through the planning andconstruction. The planning and construction of sewage treatment capacity will be ableto achieve a considerable level of water supply capacity; solid waste processing orderof the assimilative capacity analysis shows that, with an annual capacity of387million tourists; Tourists daily reception accommodation capacity of about17,000people about the reception capacity of approximately610million people. The studyalso found that tourism resident’s psychological carrying capacity is infinite and thetourists’ psychological carrying capacity is10,000Tourists. Considering strategicdeviation of investigation, we agreed that23000people in the peak season areconsisted with the psychological carrying capacity.3. From the static and dynamic views, we tested the condition and effectivenessof sustainability of Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve eco-tourism development. We calculated a total score of89.96points for the sustainable development of ecotourism.Using factor analysis method, we found the score of social and cultural sustainabledevelopment were-1.061,-0.819,-0.094,0.256,0.677,1.041, and the score ofeconomic field were-1.256,-0.88,-0.305,0.288,0.794,1.358. We came to theconclusion: the situation of sustainable development of the Changbai MountainNature Reserve is getting better and better.4. Through making evaluation on eco-tourism resources of Changbai Mountain,and the development condition of eco-tourism resources, we found that the ChangbaiMountain had obvious advantages of natural resources and broad prospects for thedevelopment of eco-tourism development, excellent eco-tourism resource conditionsand regional development conditions for the Nature Reserve of the sustainabledevelopment of ecotourism solid material security.5. Through analyzing the main problems of the development of eco-tourism ofChangbai Mountain, including the construction of infrastructure and fundingconstraints, etc. Based on the Changbai Mountain reality, we proposed six suggestions,including strengthening the cooperation with surrounding areas, etc.

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