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The Research on In-depth Development of the Tourism Product of the Tengchong Volcanic National Geological Park

Author XieChaoJuan
Tutor LiXiaoQin
School Chengdu University of Technology
Course Physical Geography
Keywords TengChong Volcanic National Geological Park Tourism Product Depth Development
CLC F592.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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China is not only the world’s first country to build a geological park by thecentral government, but also one of the earliest countries to build geological parksaround the world. In the spring of2002, China ratified the Tengchong NationalGeological Park, etc.the second batch of33national geological parks. Geoparkindustry develops from pure "landscape conservation" to the integration of geologicalheritage protection with development. An integrated tourist resort District of science,education, tourism, entertainment, vacation, sports. Tengchong volcanic park has aspecial scientific significance. As it is the integration of natural and cultural sights,one of the most representative national geological parks with ecological, historicaland cultural value. The depth of their tourism product development is a means oftourism to increase its tourism appeal, and competitiveness, and is an important wayfor a sustainable development, industrial restructuring.Based on this background, this paper draw through tourism product developmentcase at home and abroad to analyse Tengchong Volcanoes National Geological Parkin the depth of product development feasibility, put up ideas and measures of tourismproducts from the aspects of vertical, horizontal and association.(1) To start from the own resources of the Geopark, improve its content of tourismproduct. Through Identifying the base, have an overview and evaluation of tourismresources, dig up the resource type. Find the valuable point that can be developedfrom its potential value for depth profiling, making it the factor of new productdevelopment.(2) horizontal mainly focus on the optimization and innovation of the resource, andexpand the product extension. Through the analysis and evaluation of the otherresources of the Geopark, select Geopark heritage resources of the best combination of resources, and make it a tourist destination image and the core elements of the newbrand.(3) the improvement of the product association includes the establish of productimage and the brand, the update of marketing strategy, the improvement of servicefacilities, which contains eight elements:"eating""living","traffic""Tour" and"shopping","entertainment","learning" and “research.”The tourism product is the survival and developmental core of Geopark, theconnotation and extension of the geological park tourism products constantlyexpanded and updated. To enhance its tourism product development and innovation,from the point of view of the combination product, to achieve the conversion ofresources to the promotion of products and then to the market and, ultimately, toachieve sustainable tourism developments.

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