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Construct China-Japan-Korea Fta’s Conditions, Difficulties and Path Selections

Author ZhangJieZuo
Tutor WangLianChen
School Harbin Normal University
Course Regional Economics
Keywords Regional economic integration China-Japan-Korea FTA Path selections
CLC F752.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Today,economic globalization and regional economic integration are the maintendency of the world economy,regional economic cooperation becomes more andmore important during the countries developing their own economy. Under the premiseof a country or region in a relative peace times, Countries or regions will focus mainlyon the economic development. Though there are threats between North Korea and SouthKorea, the whole Northeast Asia Area is under the peace and stable circumstances,therefore, the three main countries of the Northeast Asia Area——China, Japan andKorea, in order to increase their economic and political benefits, they need to establishthe free trade area urgently. Compared to the other two regions (Europe and NorthAmerica) having established mature regional economic cooperation organizations,China, Japan and Korea are the three biggest Asia Area. Northeast Asia Area is in a lowlevel regional economic cooperation, which is extremely incompatible with theeconomic status of the three countries in the world. As a result, the establishment ofChina-Japan-Korea FTA has a very important role to improve the status of theNortheast Asia in the world and promote the integration process of the Northeast Asia oreven the whole Asia Area. On one hand, it can reduce the over-reliance on the Europeanand American markets, preventing the risk of domestic economy being blew during theturmoil of the European and American markets. On the other hand, it can create tradecreation effect, expand the volume of trade among each other, promote the nationaleconomic development and enhance the competitiveness and influence of the region inthe world’s integration. It can also enhance the region’s influence in the world, andresist the global risk and challenges.In this paper, based on the analysis of free trade area theory, firstly, I discuss thenecessity and the realistic basis. From the three countries economic structure, theadjacent location, the similar historical and cultural traditions, as well as the attitude ofthree government, the business communities and academia, I analyzed the feasibleconditions to establish the China-Japan-Korea FTA. Due to the special historical,political and other conflicts among China, Japan and Korea, there are still lots of constrains to establish China-Japan-Korea FTA, for example, the dominance of the FTA,the attitude of their respective sensitive industries and so on. Therefore, the authorproposes the effective methods and strategic measures when the three countriesestablish FTA. China-Japan-Korea FTA will greatly promote the economic and tradecooperation among three countries and can also play an important role in adjusting thethree countries’ industrial structure. It is very useful to allocate the resources reasonable.It can play a very good demonstration effect for East Asia or even the whole world andit can also improve the economic status of East Asia in the world.In a conclusion, China-Japan-Korea FTA is feasible and possible. We hope thethree countries can consider it from the entire Northeast Asia’s development andestablish the useful FTA for all the persons of Northeast Asia as soon as possible.

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