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Thai Cassava Agricultural Exports to China on Trade Issues

Tutor CaoRongGuang
School Yunnan University
Course International trade
Keywords Thailand and trade in agricultural products Cassava products ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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China is the largest exporter of agricultural products in Asia; Thailand is Asia’s second exporter of agricultural products. Agriculture in the traditional Thai industry plays an important role in the Thai economy. Thailand is the world’s largest rice exporter, is also the world’s major production and export of rubber, cassava, sugar cane, and aquatic big country. In2009, Thailand’s agricultural output value was30.651billion U.S. dollars, about11.63%of the proportion of gross domestic product (GDP) in the possession of, the annual exports of agricultural products amounted to$23.296billion. Agricultural working population accounted for37.7%of national employment. Cassava is the world’s third—largest cassava producer after Nigeria and Brazil, and the first major exporting countries, national cassava planting a total area of1.2million hectares, the main producing areas in the northeast, north and in the eastern, northeastern yield accounting for more than half of the country’s total output.510,000farmers engaged in cassava cultivation.20.169million tons of cassava production in2010, exports amounted to$2.16billion.With Thailand and the establishment of friendly trade relations with China—ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) officially started on January1,2010, the Thai agricultural exports to China more and more attention by the Thai and Chinese trade. Thai agricultural trading position in the Chinese market in recent years, and summarized the Thai agricultural products are facing major problems the elaborate premise of Thai agricultural products trade volume and product mix, the system analysis. In addition, according to Thai agricultural trade situation of China proposed stable product prices as well as to grow and develop suggestions and countermeasures of competitive industries, such as the feasibility of the establishment of friendly trade relations.Cassava trade is an important part of the Thai—Chinese trade, research, cassava trade between Thailand and condition, and found some of the problems in the Thai Tapioca Trade, such as the exchange rate issue, the issue of quality standards, transportation cost problem. These problems are greatly hindered the development of, cassava trade between the two countries, Thailand and China. In this paper, the theory of comparative advantage to analyze the situation and development of trade between Thailand and China, the Thai agricultural trade theory based on the situation and development of Thai exports of cassava products, Thailand on Chinese exports of cassava products causes an impact of the Thailand. Final analysis of the economics of Thai cassava products, the competitiveness of Thai cassava proposed countermeasures and measures of cassava in Thailand and China trade. Body part is divided into five chapters:Chapter1introduces the research background and literature review. Thailand and China have long—term economic exchanges, especially Thailand and China established diplomatic ties in1975, and bilateral cooperation in the economic, political, cultural, military, education and science and technology has been fully developed. Over the past decade, the rise of China’s economy, a huge impact for the neighboring countries, includes Thailand. Thailand and agriculture, the level of development, production technology, infrastructure, resource endowments, and natural conditions, is relatively close, resulting in a higher degree of similarity of export structure between the two countries.Chapter2describes the current situation and development of the Thai export trade of China’s agricultural products. This section describes the premise of Thai agricultural products trade volume and product mix, systematic analysis of Thai agricultural products in the operating conditions in the Chinese market in recent years, and summarized the Thai agricultural products are facing a major problem. So we can see that the relationship between Thailand and China in the increasingly important position in the foreign economic and trade relations between the two countries.Chapter3detailed analysis of the situation of China and Thailand in cassava products. Analysis of the structure of production, marketing and export of cassava industry in Thailand, cassava production, market conditions, including the reasons of China’s export of cassava products to Thailand, Thailand.Chapter4of the text in—depth study on the cassava demand and supply theory and method, the theory of supply and demand balance, the establishment of the cassava basic balance between supply and demand equations, the cassava price index, the sentiment index for cassava supply and demand balance. Thailand competitor’s cassava production and trade situation in Vietnam and to propose Thailand and Vietnam in the cassava trade advantages compared. Chapter5on the above analysis, propose appropriate countermeasures for the problems in Thailand and China cassava trade. Thai cassava chips, cassava are the direction of the grain in the feed industry.

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