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A Study of Knowledge Workers’ Career Development Expectation, Psychological Capital and the Relation between Them

Author FangZuo
Tutor LianZuo
School Fujian Normal University
Course Developmental and Educational Psychology
Keywords Knowledge workers Career development expectations Psychological Capital
CLC F224
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In this paper, the empirical research methods and in-depth analysis of the career development expectations of knowledge workers, psychological capital, and its relationship between the two. The main conclusions of the study are: (1) preparation of a knowledge-based career development of employees expect a total of 19 items questionnaire composed of four dimensions of professional achievement, economic security, social recognition, opportunity space, the questionnaire has been tested with good reliability and validity, can be used as a study. (2) Overall, knowledge-based employee career development expectations of the total score and each dimension is located on the middle level, with the theory of intermediate values ??the differences were statistically significant level. (3) professional development of knowledge workers expect the total score on employees' gender significant difference in the career development of women in the economic security expectations are significantly higher than male; knowledge-based employees of different age groups in the two dimensions of social identity and opportunity space on the existence of extremely significant difference between 30-40-year-old staff career development expectations in social identity than employees under the age of 30, and the career aspirations of employees under the age of 30 the opportunity space significantly more than 40 employees; by knowledge workers with different levels of education, professional achievement expectations there are significant differences, career development expectations of the graduate students in professional achievement higher than undergraduate, there was no difference in the other dimensions; knowledge workers of different marital status in the Career Achievement the opportunity space there is a significant difference in the two dimensions, unmarried employees very significantly higher than married employees, significantly higher than the unmarried to the married employees expectations of social identity in the dimensions of social identity; knowledge workers of different working hours significant presence in the career development expectations of social recognition and opportunity space dimension differences, work 10 Dao 20 years of staff expectations on the social identity significantly with higher than work three to five years of staff work dissatisfaction 1 year and 1 Dao 3 years expectations of the employees on the opportunity space is very significantly higher than the more than 20 years of work, the employees work 5-10 employees expect a significant opportunity space above the working time of 10-20 employees; senior management personnel in social identity expectations very significantly higher than the primary foundation staff, and the expectations on the professional achievement, economic security, and the opportunity space dimension does not exist significant differences; sales class employees the opportunity space development expectations significantly with higher than technical research class employees. (4) on the overall level of psychological capital of knowledge workers, and its dimensions are located on the middle level, gender, age, education level, marital status, working hours and job category of knowledge workers psychological capital were not reach a significant level of difference, but there was a significant difference on the job level, significantly higher than the junior basic staff of senior management personnel in the dimension of self-confidence and hope. (5) career development expectations of knowledge workers with psychological capital significantly positively related to their career development aspirations psychological capital score and self-confidence, hope, resilience, optimism four dimensions, there are significant differences. (6) the the psychological capital under the self-confidence factor is effective predictors of career development expectations of knowledge workers, knowledge workers, the degree of confidence can positively predict their expectations in career development.

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