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The Analyse of China’s Property Insurance Company’s Financial Indicators System Based on Operating Performance

Author WuChong
Tutor LiuZiCao
School Dongbei University of Finance
Course Insurance
Keywords Operating performance financial indicators the fitted regression DuPont system
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Since the national insurance work conference held in Beijing in1979, the insurance industry has resumed business more than30years, the insurance industry in China started late, and the level of development is still relatively backward, but no doubt is, in this short period of time of30years, the insurance industry develop rapidly and has made great achievements. As of2010, the development of China’s Insurance Group8, the development of the insurance company to126, the development of insurance asset management companies to10insurance practitioners is increased to$346.8million. These insurance companies, both owned insurance company and foreign insurance companies, both state-owned insurance company, has a joint-stock insurance companies and Sino-foreign joint venture insurance company, the diversification of the organizational structure of the insurance company makes the whole system of insurance industry development for more complete and comprehensive.In summary, the article is trying to comprehensive financial evaluation methods rely on a limited number of insurance company financial statements information, the establishment of a complete and comprehensive analysis of financial indicators framework, select useful financial indicators of performance analysts, insurance companies, and insurance company investors to more effective sub-analysis and study of the insurance company’s financial performance.The object of this paper is our property and casualty insurance company’s financial indicators. The article is divided into six parts.The first part is the introduction of the article describes the research background and significance, as well as the development of China’s insurance industry, the status quo, starting from the theoretical system and the reality of two angles expounded the need for systems analysis of the financial performance of the insurance companies operating current research vacancies in the field, making the presence of the article with sufficient theoretical and practical significance. Finally, the introduction will be mentioned innovation of this paper and the lack of more to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the entire article, article structure is more clear and reasonable.The second part of this article focuses on some business performance financial evaluation methods, including traditional methods and non-traditional methods, the traditional method to introduce the DuPont analysis and its improvement and Volvo analysis, rather than the traditional method of covering the factor analysis, gray relational analysis, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, the EVA evaluation method, key indicators, balanced scorecard method and data envelopment analysis (DEA). These business performance financial evaluation methods to provide reference and basis for the property insurance company’s financial indicators system, It is based on different ideas of these different types of research methods, we have been able for the property and casualty insurance company building a scientific and complete financial indicators system.The third part of the article of property and casualty insurance company operating performance of financial evaluation index system to do the study of the system, from the regulatory requirements of the domestic property and casualty insurance company financial evaluation index system, the index system to foreign property and casualty insurance company rating agency, one by one be analyzed and summed up the insurance company’s business performance analysis by financial quantitative indicators, financial company balance sheets and other types of company balance sheet differences, we can through the appropriate financial indicators regulator be modified to reflect the company’s operating performance of financial insurance.The fourth part of the article in front of the research and the introduction of domestic and foreign insurance companies operating performance of financial evaluation method, creative build China’s property insurance company’s financial evaluation system, and the empirical research. First, we selected22financial indicators, and go through the analysis of the44sample company data, and then selected according to the China Insurance Yearbook, the last acquired data, calculated each insurance company’s financial information and statistical analysis from our The results of statistical analysis of the operating performance of the various insurance companies. After the empirical analysis in this article further empirical analysis of the results of the related financial indicators were eliminated from the22indicators six more serious indicators came to the conclusion of a16indicators constitute the company’s financial index system.Fifth part, in order to verify the scientific article build financial index system and feasibility analysis of the performance of the insurance company now popular method-DEA data envelopment analysis comparative study, that is, through the financial index system The conclusion derived from the analysis of the conclusions and DEA regression fit, and finally verify our financial analysis system can fully reflect the insurance company’s operating efficiency, scientific feasibility of both the insurance company’s financial evaluation system.The sixth part of the article based on the above findings, the existing problems of China’s insurance industry made a simple exploration and analysis, and put forward a number of policy recommendations, including the recommendations of the financial management aspects of the proposal and the operation and development of the insurance company.

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