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On Biblical Style & Its Translation

Author DongRuiHu
Tutor RenDongSheng
School Ocean University of China
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords biblical style Inaugural translation functional equivalence
CLC H059
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the deepening of cultural communication between China and the rest of the world ,more and more attention has been paid to the underlying factors which have greatly shaped the modern western culture. Christianity,as one of the two main sources of western culture,takes the Bible as its sacred text and has played a unique part in connotation of western culture, because the Bible, its core text, is characterized by ideological ideas, theological imageries and literary style. Take biblical allusions as example, American presidents had a habit of quoting from the Bible for their speeches to the public on different occasions. As a result, the biblical style was tinged with politics and made the political style persuasive, artistic and canonical, and the speeches of American presidents were endowed with theological glamour. But research on the Bible’s influence on the speeches of American Presidents has been a topic ignored by Chinese scholars.This thesis, in light of functional equivalence, a translation idea proposed by Eugene A. Nida, an American scholar in translation studies, is an effort to probe into the relationship between the Bible and inaugurals of American presidents, with focus on Chinese translation methods of the biblical style tinged in the inaugurals.The thesis consists of five chapters. The first chapter is a brief introduction to the research including research background, purpose, significance, methodology and the outline of the thesis. Chapter Two reviews the Bible’s influence on American political culture, Nida’s functional equivalence theories and the current situation of domestic research on Bible style in American Presidents’speeches. Chapter Three gives a summary of the biblical style from perspective of English Stylistics with focus on examples of biblical contents American presidents quoted in their inaugurals. Chapter Four is a detailed analysis of the three methods in translating the biblical contents into Chinese with view of functional equivalence. Chapter Five concludes the thesis. The author argues that a translator is required to have a good command of the biblical style before he sets about translating the biblical concerned texts such as American inaugurals, and the principle of function equivalence is practical in such translations.

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