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A Study on the Impact of Farmland Consolidation on Rural Households’ Inputs to Farmland

Author XuYuZuo
Tutor YangGangQiao
School Huazhong Agricultural University
Course Management of land resources
Keywords farmland consolidation rural public product household model capital input behavior of household
CLC F323.9;F224
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Land consolidation is the fundamental way to quicken high-standard farmland construction, accelerate mechanization of agriculture and improve land utility efficiency. Land consolidation has conducted for more than 10 years, produced a marked effect. According to statistics, from 2001 to 2005, the land consolidation compensated 289.3 million hectares of arable land and improved grain output reached 9426.8 million tons in the whole China. But there are still some questions of participation of peasant household and quality. This paper from the view of peasant household who are direct beneficiaries of land consolidation to discuss the impact of farmland consolidation on farmland input of households, provide scientific basis for improving policies.The topic of this research is bases on the achievements of scholars from home and abroad, and regards 4 counties of Hubei Province as the survey regions. Based the questionnaire data, the study analyze the influence of land consolidation on the farmland capital investment with the method of comparative analysis, multiple linear regression analysis and logistic regression analysis. The conclusions are:1) Extended agricultural household model by bring government investment and peasant private investment into the model to analyse the impact of farmland consolidation on farmland input of households is feasible. There are both crowding-in-effects and crowding-out-effects in land consolidation. It has a different impact on essential element of production:the private investment which complement with government investment grows while otherwise declines.2) The attitude of peasant households on land consolidation influenced their behavior. Peasant households developed anticipated output, cost, profits with the media propaganda and the project example in neighboring areas. When the actual situation is better than expected, peasant households respond actively. When the actual situation is inferior to expected, peasant households respond inactively. We can see peasant households in project region produce the deviation of purpose and content of land consolidation, the attitude of peasant households in project region is inferior to the peasant in non-project region. This situation dampen peasant enthusiasm on grain production, is adverse for the reaching policy and target. So, the government should further strengthening supervision and ensuring the project quality. The governments at all levels can make reasonable assessment to project by establishing performance evaluation system from the view of peasant households.3) Agricultural input-output in project region is 1.64, is higher than in non-project which agricultural input-output is 1.60. It shows that land consolidation enhances the productive efficiency of agricultural production. So, the government should make greater efforts to improve agricultural investment environment by strengthening land consolidation.4) Effects are different for different factors. Land consolidation satisfaction degree is the essential factor affecting floating capital input of the peasant households. So, the government needs to respect the wishes of farmers, establish the mechanism of farmers fully involving in the project, and expand the depth and breadth of farmer’s participation. Age of the head of a household is the essential factor affecting agricultural machinery investment, full consideration to the needs of aged farmers, develop machine fits to aged workforce is an important way to raising the level of agricultural mechanization. Agricultural product price is the essential factor affecting the will of households for machine investment; it shows the behavior of agricultural input is market-oriented.5) The crowding-out-effects is stronger than crowding-in-effects in land consolidation on peasant households investment. According to the result, land consolidation satisfaction has a negative effect in both total capital and floating capital, participation willing has a negative effect in floating capital. The crowding-out-effects is incarnated in the floating capital while crowding-in-effects in fixed capital.6) Land consolidation benefits the development of agricultural mechanization. Land consolidation satisfaction has a positive effect in the wish to purchase agricultural machine. The wish to purchase agricultural machinery grows stronger as the consolidation satisfaction increases. The wish to purchase agricultural machinery shows the trend of agricultural mechanization.So, perfecting the policy of protective price, stabling the prices of agricultural products, increasing the land consolidation policy support, respecting peasant’s will, ensuring households satisfaction will be incentive households increase investment in agricultural machinery, so as to promote the agricultural mechanization development.

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