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Study on Rural Residential Land Transfer Modes and Rural Residential Land Management Mechanisms in Kunshan

Author BianQinFang
Tutor FengShuZuo
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Public Administration
Keywords Rural residential land Transfer modes Management mechanisms Policy recommendations
CLC F301.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The rural residential land tenure is the base of "Home Ownership", it not only provides a majority of farmers with the place to stay, but also is important for the whole social stability and building a harmonious socialist society. From the fundamental interests of the political and social interests, we restrict the transfer of the rural residential land to protect farmers’rights and the basic living requirements. But with the rapid economic development of our society, the guarantee of residential land tenure hinders its transfer, and makes it difficult to achieve its value. Farmers, as the main part of the socio-economy, they think their initiative to participate in the market to be suppressed is unreasonable, so they seek laws and policies in the gray area. Although the "Property Law" makes provisions about the residential land transfer and allows its transfer. This may induce the following problems. On the one hand, once the farmers transfer their own residential land, if they don’t get a new one, they will have nowhere to live. On the other hand, if they get a new one, it will contradict with the current policy of "one family, one home", which resulted in the transfer of rural residential land in a dilemma.To solve the problems in residential land transfer. I select Huaqiao Town and Jinxi Town in Kunshan City as case study areas. Firstly, through describing their current situation of residential land transfer, I summarize the main modes of residential land transfer in these areas. According to the theory of institutional change, we analyze the background of these modes from the aspects of the scarcity of resources, economic development and location. Secondly, we do quantitative evaluation of the performance of the residential land transfer from the living conditions, economic conditions and other aspects; and qualitative analysis of the performance of the residential land transfer from the social, economic and ecological point of view. Thirdly, we analyze the residential land management from the policy of residential land approval, the subsidy policy and other aspects related to the residential land approval. The results show that the placement apartment of the residential land transfer mode and its management mechanisms have reasonable sides, the main features are as follows: Firstly, through residential land transfer, farmers get satisfaction and benefits, it helps improve the villagers living conditions, people’s life quality, social welfare and the village economy and society; Secondly, through the residential land turning into placement apartment, making the residential land value of the assets has been further manifestation; Thirdly, with the vigorously process of urbanization, it avoids the waste of resources because of duplication of relocation; Fourthly, it saves a lot of land resources, the rate is 40%. At the same time, we achieve the industrialization of agriculture, large-scale operations through sorting of the village.There are some problems in the residential land transfer modes of Kunshan. Firstly, the pattern of residential land transfer mode is relatively simple, for special groups such as the elderly, the placement of them should be more reasonable; Secondly, Kunshan, as a typical southern land of plenty, no matter from the natural environment or human environment considerations, it is necessary to retain some of the residential land. So the management mechanism of the residential land should explore diversified development in the future.In summary, we put forward policy recommendations about the direction of Kunshan residential land transfer in the future. Kunshan, as a more economically developed region, the residential land transfer modes should be adapted to local conditions, at the same time, the management mechanism should also explore the diversified development.

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