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The Effect of Optical Transmission Properties of One-dimensional Photonic Crystals with a Mirror Symmetry on Uniaxial Stress

Author LiQianLi
Tutor WenTingDun
School University of North
Course Condensed Matter Physics
Keywords Photonic crystal Transfer-matrix method Triply periodic heterostructures with amirror symmetry Uniaxial stress Photon localization
CLC O734
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Since the concept of the photonic crystal is put forward, the scientific research workersto research on photonic crystal interest has not subsided. As more and more photonic crystaltheory research methods have been proposed to improve the preparation technology is moreand more mature, and photonic crystals all sorts of new photonic crystal opticalcommunication devices have slowly replace semiconductor electron device known as thefoundation of communication industry. Among them, about using photonic crystal preparationof novel and high sensitive force sensor is one of the important research areas. This article isin this context, based on the transfer matrix method in combination with the Matlab softwaresimulation to study the preparation of new type of photonic crystals using force sensor light.This paper made a exploratory work of the following two aspects:1. The optical transmission of one-dimensional photonic crystal(PC)containing TiO2andSiO2material with triply-periodical heterostructures was investigated by transfer matrixmethod. The results show that there were seven photonic band gap from200nm~2000nmin the PC. Band gap width increased with the longer wavelengths. The authors put emphasison the relationship between the optical transmission of this kind PCs and incident angle,layers of dielectric, as well as dielectric layer thickness. We found that width and position ofband gap width were sensitive to incident angle and dielectric layer thickness, but not periodicnumbers. These characteristics provide theory reference for adjustability single channel filter,multi-channel filter and accelerometer.2. In this thesis, the transfer matrix method is applied to study the characteristics of the photon localization in the mirror heterogeneous which has three periods and one-dimensionalphotonic crystal in uniaxial stress changes. In a mirror structure triply-periodic photoniccrystals system, its mirror structure destroys the orderliness of the photonic crystal andproduces a defect state, so the transmission peaks of a photon localized appear in the photonicband gap wider center. The study showed that when applied uniaxial stress on the mirrorstructure with three-periodic photonic crystal, the photon localization transmittance Summitdramatic changes with the stress. When a weak external mechanical stress is applied to thephotonic crystal, photonic crystal forms a tensile strain which induces changes in the photoniccrystal structure and significantly affects the rate of the transmittance peak transmittance ofphoton localization. The results show that: the transmission peak transmittance issignificantly influenced by the uniaxial stress. These features provide a theoretical referencefor the design of ultra-high-sensitivity pressure sensor with the photonic crystal structure.

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