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The GC Content and Distribution Characteristic of Simple Sequence Repeats in Human Herpes Simplex Virus

Author OuYangQingJian
Tutor TanZhongYang
School Hunan University
Course Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Keywords Herpes simplex virus type simple sequence repeats relative frequency GC content
CLC R373
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Herpes simplex virus type1(HSV-1) and type2(HSV-2) infections areubiquitous in whole world,it brings serious threat to human. It may not lead to anysymptoms when people infected in the early. But it can reactivate from latency periodwhen the body’s immune function decline. The special pathogenic mechanism is thekey not to early detection and treatment for Herpes simplex virus. As infectionsincrease, now more and more people pay attention to the specific pathogenicmechanism of herpes simplex virus. In the paper the simple sequence repeats(SSRs)in HSV-1and HSV-2genome were extracted and analyzed by the softwares ImperfectMicrosatellite Extractor (IMEx) and Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis(MEGA). The results showed that the mononucleotide SSRs were the most in genomeof HSV-1, but in HSV-2genome the mononucleotide SSRs and the dinucleotide SSRshad no much difference. The relative frequency of tetranucleotide SSRs in HSV-2were significantly more than that in HSV-1. Moreover, G/C, GC/CG, and (GGC)nwere predominant in mononucleotide, dinucleotide, trinucleotide repeats respectivelyin the two viruses genomes, and the GC content in simple sequence repeats wasnotably higher than that in genomes. Compared with the content of different lengthrepeats, the results showed that in HSV-1and HSV-2genome the SSRs graduallydecreased with the increase of repeat length. Base on the analyzed results could drawsome conclusions:although the genomes of HSV-1and HSV-2are very similar, thedistribution of SSRs in this genomes have their own characteristics. The bigger of theSSRs and the easier of the mutation. The high GC content of SSRs might play animportant role in the two genomes,in particular, the directivity of GC content in theSSRs of coding regions would directly affect the structure and function of protein.Besides, our data might be helpful for studying the pathogenesis, genome structureand evolution of herpes simplex virus.

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