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The Analysis of Slope Stability Based on Interval Method

Author WangYinChun
Tutor YangMingCheng
School Ningxia University
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords Interval methods slope stability analysis limit equilibrium method safety factor range
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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In recent years, as China’s economy continues to develop, various construction groups with each passing day, continue to emerge. Large-scale construction projects have emerged, slope engineering more and more, which makes the slope stability analysis has become a hot topic. However, due to the highly complex geotechnical media and uncertainty, making the value of geotechnical parameters is difficult to determine the number, the range of values often have, therefore, is necessary to introduce the range of uncertainty analysis methods for slope stability analysis. In this paper, slope stability analysis method based on the establishment of a safety factor method slice method and simplified Bishop method of interval limit equilibrium equation. Evaluation criteria by the safety factor range calculated comparative analysis of the results and the interval limit equilibrium methods of traditional limit equilibrium method, the conclusion is the result of the interval limit equilibrium method than the traditional limit equilibrium analysis of conservative. Can more accurately and objectively reflect the actual safety and slope stability conditions of the project. Further illustrate the range of mathematical theories and methods introduced in slope stability analysis and safety factor method with traditional complementary and mutually embraced, the better for engineering practice services. In this paper focuses on soil slope stability analysis, the main contents are:(1) Describes the basic theory of interval mathematics, a brief description of the solution of interval linear equations, and focus on the interval for interval arithmetic expansion problems were analyzed, summarized the causes and treatment of problems arising from the expansion of the range;(2) Taking full account of the range of basic geotechnical parameters, through the original slope stability analysis method based on the establishment of a safety factor slice method and simplified Bishop method of solving formula range, and for the first time, a safety factor of groundwater consider the impact of the interval in which the actual draw more fitting safety factor range;(3) Useing the Mathcad program, drawn severe internal friction angle, cohesion of the safety factor on the influence of the lower limit of the range, to solve the problem of the safety factor range expansion;(4) According to the safety factor range formulas derived, using the existing state interval slope stability evaluation criteria, both the actual slope stability analysis, combined with traditional methods, thus more objective evaluation and analysis of slope stability;

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