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The Research and Design on the Developments of Shared Space in High-Rise Buildings

Author WangZheng
Tutor MeiHongYuan;LiLingLing
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords high-rise building shared space urbanization three-dimensional ecological
CLC TU972.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The development of times brings new changes to the design of the shared space in high-rise buildings. The changes mainly come from the increasing importance of high-rise buildings in cities, the upgrading restrictive factors in space design creation, and the improving needs of high-rise buildings from natural ecosystem. On the one hand, these factors will limit the possibility and arbitrariness of space design; on the other hand, they can also stimulate designers’inspiration to form unique shared spaces. Therefore, in the new developing trends this thesis focuses on how to make active use of city environment, how to strengthen the vividness and flexibility of high-rise buildings, and how to shape shared spaces which can match the natural ecosystem.The thesis cuts in with contemporary developing trends of the shared space in high-rise buildings, starts with the theory foundation and development process of high-rise buildings, analyses the changes of design affecting factors and the development of space elements, and then extracts the evolutive design principles and creation techniques. On this basis, the thesis combines related theories, and systematically puts forward the new trends of shared spaces in high-rise buildings on different aspects of‘city’,‘architecture’and‘environment’:‘urbanization’trend from closed and independent to opening and sharing,‘dynamic development’trend from machinery organization to multi-dimensional and efficient organization, and‘ecological’trend from physical simulation to modality molding.As a basic element of contemporary high-rise buildings, the shared spaces’design is a two-way thinking process, from inside to outside, and from outside to inside. In the three paratactic core chapters, this thesis uses thinking logic-adaptive research methods, and organizes the study process in accordance with the steps of‘the development trend of related concepts’-‘the development trends of manifestation’-‘the development of design methods’. First of all, the thesis definites the relevant attribute and concept of shared spaces with the aspects of city, space and natural ecosystem. Secondly, the paper sums up the urbanization manifestation, three-dimensional manifestation and ecological manifestation of shared spaces in high-rise buildings. Finally, the thesis puts forward corresponding design methods in order to provide useful reference for high-rise buildings’shared spaces’design in new century, to make high-rise buildings’shared spaces more healthy, active and effective in the organization of city life, to guarantee the perfect of their own system, and to creative a harmonious natural ecosystem.The thesis takes the research methods from the general to the particular, from the partial to the whole, from space to manifestation. It starts with development status, analyses the characteristic of their own, summarizes the design methods, and uses interdisciplinary research results of urban design, overall planning and ecology, as reference. When explaining design principles and inducting design methods, the author combines the theory research and example analysis, and expands the connotation of the thesis in depth. There are five pragraghs, 68024 words and 110 pictures in the thesis.

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