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The Influence of Long-term Regular Exercise to the Distribution and Change Regulation on Human Skin Temperature

Author ZhangFei
Tutor LiuYiPing
School Fujian Normal University
Course Human Movement Science
Keywords Infrared thermal imaging technology Long-term regular exercise Skin temperature Distribution Change regulation
CLC G804.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective:Observe the the influence of Long-term regular exercise to the distribution and change regulation in different environment and quiet condition on human skin temperature through experiment.Methods:Select 65 college student volunteers according to the inclusion criteria, divided them into four groups(exercise male group,exercise female group, non-exercise male group,non-exercise female group),detected the distribution of human skin temperature in different environment temperature and quiet condition through infrared thermal imaging technology,and then choose exercise male group and non-exercise male group,carry on small and medium-sized intensity exercise (50W-100W),observed the changes of skin temperature in the exercise process.Except that,we detected BMR and Body composition to provide the basis to the mechanism discusstion of our research.Result:(1)The highest parts of skin temperature are forehead, face,neck and poll to all the subjects,and then is torse,limb’s skin temperature continue decline,the lowest parts are palms and back.In the comparative study of male and female,we found there are significant differences among all the parts except armpit,neck,forehead and face, palms and back among them of female are significant higher then male (p<0.01), the remaining parts of male subjects are significant higher then female;(2)There are significant differences among most of the surface parts except chest,chest back and waist in different environment temperature,forehead,face,neck,armpitand and poll are significant higher in low temperature environment then in normal temperature (p<0.01),other parts are all higher in normal temperature environment then in low temperature (p<0.01);(3)Because of long-term regularity exercise,exercise group’s limbs skin temperature are significant higher then non-exercise group’s (p<0.01). hands,forehead and face skin temperature of non-exercise group is significant higher then exercise group.There are no significant difference in other skin parts between two groups;(4)The mainly changes of skin temperature in normal temperature environment are as follows:the skin temperature of all parts are declined significantly in preparation activities (p<0.01),in the process of formal exercise,the skin temperature of upper limbs,lower limb and torso continue declined,the skin temperature of forehead declined when started,and then rised until the end.With the increase of exercise intensity,the skin temperature changed faster.After exercise,the skin temperature of all parts recovered gradually to quiet level;(5)Because of long-term regularity exercise,the difference of the changes of skin temperature between two group are mainly as follows,the variation amplitude of non-exercise group significantly greater then exercise group (p<0.01).the reaction degree of skin temperature of exercise group was weaker then non-exercise group (p<0.01).In the process of recovery,the recovery speed of exercise group was quicker then non-exercise group (p<0.01).Conclution:Long-term regular exercise could lead to the changes of skin temperature distribution and change regulation.mainly as follows:exercise group’s limbs skin temperature are significant higher then non-exercise group’s. hands,forehead and face skin temperature of non-exercise group significant higher then exercise group,there are no significant difference in other skin parts between two groups.In the process of exercise,exercise group has stronger ability to maintain skin temperature.

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