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The Preparation and Application of Titanium Dioxide Photo-catalyst Co-doped with Fe, S and Ce

Author ZhaoLai
Tutor WangJiuSi
School Lanzhou Jiaotong University
Course Applied Chemistry
Keywords Titanium dioxide Light catalyst Alizarin red Sol-gel Precipitation impregnation method
CLC O643.36
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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TiO2is widely used in air purification, sewage treatment, sterilization and other newfunctional materials with its biological and chemical inertness,stable structure, low price,non-toxic, strong oxidizing and other advantages,and is added to toothpaste,skincream,pigment. Especially in the recent years, as an n-type semiconductor oxide, TiO2attained outstanging achievement in organic wastewater, toxic, bio-biodegradable pollutants,which is a hot topic in the current environmental governance research.In this article, tetrabutyl titanate and ethanol are the precursor and Fe, S and Ce aredoping elements.Degradation of Fe, S and Ce co-doped Miscellaneous TiO2photocatalyst ofvarious dyes were prepared by sol-gel method.By dong Alizarin Red solution photocatalyticdegradation research to make clear the effect of preparation conditions on the co-doped TiO2catalyst activity. The results showed that, in the450°C, calcined2h, Fe, S and Ce and Tiatomic ratio of the resultant catalyst is0.01:1:0.1:100maximum activity and alizarin red dyedegradation rate of94%.Skeleton structure and sizeof doped TiO2, which is analysised by XRD,SEM and FT-IR,the results showed that: Fe, S and Ce ternary Codoped the catalytic activity of TiO2isconnected with temperature, time and its composition. Fe, S and Ce-doped suppressedpolymorph changes and photoinduced electron-hole pairs of the composite to improve thequantum efficiency, thereby enhancing the response range of doped TiO2photocatalyticactivity and redshift of light.Co-doped TiO2catalyst activity was studied by different preparation methods. Fe, S andCe-doped TiO2catalyst is prepared by Precipitation. Likely by dong Alizarin Red solutionphotocatalytic degradation research to make clear the effect of preparation conditions on theco-doped TiO2catalyst activity. The results showed that, in the500°C, when Fe, S and Ceatomic ratio of1:10:4, calcined2h, ultrasonic15min, immersed for8hours, the photocatalystactivity, degradation rate reached80%.Finally, a comparative study with co-doped TiO2in different kinds of dyes and throughthe degradation of the different structures of the dye (anthraquinone class: Acid Blue BRL;Alizarin Red; the azo class: methyl orange; Acid Scarlet GR).are showed that: Co-doped TiO2light catalyst had some effects of degradation on the above dyes and has good effect on thedegradation of acid blue. At the same time, catalyst has certain red shift phenomenon.

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