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The Research of Sintering Sludge-shale Brick and Analysis of Compression Properties of Masonry

Author ZhangXiangHua
Tutor HuangBangBiao
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords Sintering sludge-shale brick Orthogonal test design Process parameters Compression properties of masonry
CLC TU522.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the economy development rapidly and the accelerating urbanization process,urban sewage discharge and capacity is also growing fast, the city sludge as the product ofurban sewage in accumulation, hindered the development of the city seriously. Under thecondition of developing new building materials, research the sintering sludge-shale brickby use urban sludge and shale as the principal raw material not only can promote wallreform development rapidly in our country, also solve the big problem of sludgetreatment.Sintering sludge-shale brick as a new type of wall materials has many advantages,such as environmental protection, recycling, energy saving, light weight and heatpreservation, not only can meet the requirements of modern architecture, also realized thecity sludge greatly "harmless, reduction and recycling", has profound social significance.The grain composition, ratio of raw materials, method of unburned brick molding,sintering time and sintering temperature on the properties of sintering sludge-shale brick isstudied in this paper through a lot of tests, and combined with orthogonal experimentdesign method, to determine the partition suitable for the modern high-rise buildings ofsintering sludge-shale brick.The subject has designed the compressive test according to the basic mechanicalproperties test method standards of the masonry and the characteristics of the brick,observe and analyze its failure characteristics and compressive deformation properties,determine the compressive strength, sintering sludge-shale brick is verified by comparingthat it can be used to that stipulated in the specification for design of masonry results ofthe formula to calculate the average compressive strength of masonry. Analysis the data oftest, it is concluded that the masonry compression stress-strain curves, and calculate theaverage elastic modulus and Poisson’s ratio of sintering sludge-shale bricks.Research the sintering sludge-shale brick and compressive performance of themasonry, not only can be a wider range of promotion and use for sintering sludge-shalebrick, but also to provide reliable basis for compiling technical specification related.

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