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Analysis of the Relationship between Concrete Pore Structure and Macro Performance Based on Grey Correlation

Author DaiHeYuan
Tutor ZhaoJing
School Dalian Jiaotong University
Course Road and Railway Engineering
Keywords Pore structure of concrete The durability of concrete Pore sizedistribution Grey theory Gray correlation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Nowadays, more and more people are concerned with the effect of concrete pore structure to the macroscopic properties. But it is the simple side, such as the impact of porosity to the strength. To reduce the porosity and large aperture in the concrete, it will get the high strength and durability. These are just proposed a single or not detailed factor on the macroscopic properties of concrete. It is lack of a systematic theoretical basis to analyze and solve the problem also. And in the complex environment, the concrete will be influenced by its own internal structure, various corrosive liquids and freeze-thaw cycle, etc.If you want to delve into the concrete macroeconomic performance and explore the changing rule of the internal, various factors must be analyzed one by one. So that the workload will be enormous, and whether significant or not should be a common approach to analysis. This will weaken the important aspect, amplifies the not important one side. Lead to the results inconsistent with the actual. In order to analyze the changes and contact between the pore structure parameters(Porosity, pore size distribution, pore shape, etc) and penetration resistance, frost resistance, It will be faced with many problems such as the lack of a large number of experimental data, many influencing factors and is difficult to control, there’s even unknown factors etc.In view of the above problems, this paper introduces the grey system theory to analysis the effect of pore structure on the durability of concrete. It considers all random changing quantity as a gray quantity of change in a certain range. Although the data Characterizing the behavior of the system characteristics is desultorily, the Gray theory consider that it also has a function and a causal relationship. If not via the data processing, it is difficult.to identify. And after the data generation, its regularity will emerge. Using mercury intrusion method to test concrete pore size distribution, Study the effect of pore size distribution of concrete strength and durability. Take the strength, the electric flux, durability coefficient of concrete as the feature sequence, Analysis of causes that affect the concrete strength and durability by Gray correlation degree in gray system theory. Research the relationship between the concrete pore structure and macro performance. To get the conclusion that Total pore area, Most probable aperture of pore parameters, Gel pores, Capillary interstice of the pore size distribution and Pore dimension, the hole axis dimension of Fractal dimension have a great influence on the macroscopic properties of the concrete.

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