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Experimental Study on the Activition of Cementitious Material and Grinding Aids for Steel Slag

Author WuGang
Tutor ShangJianLi
School Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course Materials Science
Keywords steel slag grinding aids property activition mechanism
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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As an industrial solid waste, with the development of industry, the emissions of steel slagis enormous. The accumulation of large slag, not only land encroachment and pollution of theenvironment. How to use slag to produce cementitious materials, turning waste into treasureto solve environmental problems is a important topic. However the steel slag is hard togrinding, resulting in the activity of steel slag cementitious material is difficult to play. In thispaper, grinding aids of slag and slag cementitious activity were studied.Firstly, Influence of different grinding aids to the specific surface area of slag wasstudied. Monomer grinding aids triethanolamine, ethylene glycol, glycerol,triisopropanolamine were used to grinding slag.The results showed that: four grinding aidscan effectively increase the specific surface area of the slag, and the best monomer grindingAids is triisopropanolamine dosage of0.06%, the specific surface area can reachegd524m2·kg-1; On the basis of monomer grinding, use a kind of monomer as the main body andcomplex with other grinding aid agent, the complex grinding aids on slag’s specific surfacearea was studied. The results show that:the influence of different proportions complexgrinding aids to the specific surface area of the slag are not the same, and the combined effectof the compound grinding aids better than single grinding aids, the optimal ratio of complexgrinding aids of triisopropanolamine: ethylene glycol: glycerol (4:4:1) content is0.015%, thespecific surface area can reached551m2·kg-1.Secondly, the influence of different grinding aids to the slag cementitious material propertieswas researched. The results showed that: grinding aids can enhance slag cementitiousmaterial’s strength and activity index.The optimal dosage of monomer grinding aids and theoptimal ratio of complex grinding aids can make slag cementitious material’s strength andactivity index to41.2MPa,45.6MPa and92.6%,102.5%. And the incorporation of grinding aids have little impact on the setting time of slag cementitious materials, mortar fluidity,standard consistency water and so on.Thirdly, The influence of grinding aids to the hydration process of slag cementitious materialswas researched. The results showed that: The mechanism of grinding aids hydration acted onthe slag cementitious materials was investigated, the results showed that: grinding aidsimproved the Zeta potential of the slag cementitious system, promoted slag cementitioussystem has better dispersion and fluidity, maked slag cementitious material in a stabledispersion system status, and provided a good environment for the slag cementitious activityplay. Grinding aids shorten the deceleration period of the slag hydration of cementitiousmaterials and extend the time of hydration of slag cementitious materials, stimulated thepotential activity of the slag in the slag cementitious material, In the conditions of sameage,The combined water and hydration rate of slag cementitious materials mixed withgrinding aid is higher than the undoped grinding aids slag cementitious materials.Finally, Analyzed by scanning electron microscopy could found that: Grinding aids canreduce the diameter of steel slag,and raise the quantity of steel slag’s small holes. Thepresence of a grinding aid, promoted the activity of the volatile slag itself potential, makedslag cementitious system a more complete hydration, forming a more dense structure.

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