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Research on the Extraction by Inner Ebullition and Antioxidant Activity of Total Flavonoids Form Leaves of Heritiera Littoralis

Author ZhengYunYing
Tutor WeiTengYou
School Guangxi University
Course Chemical processes
Keywords inner ebullion heritiera littoralis flavonoids extraction purification antioxidant activity
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The flavonoid in natural products was the hot research topic in the field of natural medicine chemistry. The leaves of heritiera littoralis consist flavonoids as the main active ingredients.Using the leaves of heritiera littoralis as raw material, different methods of extracted, separated and purified were adopted for the assay of total flavonoids. And antioxidant activity of the extracted total flavonoids was investigated, which might provide a theoretical basis for further development and application of silver leaf.In the extraction process, cellulase extraction methods and inner ebullition methods were taken to extract the total flavonoids from leaves of heritiera littoralis. And then make the two ways compared with the traditional ethanol.(1) On the basis of single factor experiment, using orthogonal design for cellulase extraction methods, the best extraction technology of total flavonoids was as follows:The enzyme dosage is0.8mg.mL-1,Enzymolysis temperature is45℃,Enzymolysis time is90min,Enzymatic hydrolysis of pH is5,The extraction rate reached10.7%.Total flavones content was43.8%.(2) The optimal process conditions by inner ebullition were as follows:Concentration of desorption agent is80%ethanol, the amount of desorption agent is3mL.g-1desoprtion time is20min, extraction concentration is30%ethanol, and the amount of extractant is25mL.g-1extraction temperature is85℃, extracted twice(5min/time). The parallel experiment showed that this process is stability and feasibility. Results indicated that the yield of total flavonoids was13.5%and the content of flavonoid in extractive reached46.9%.(3) Compared with the traditional ethanol and cellulase extraction methods, the inner ebullition extraction had the following obvious advantages:the yield of total flavonoids increased4.80%and2.8%, and the content of flavonoids in extractive raised14.5%and3.1%. The flavonoid extracted by inner ebullition method was purified by extraction separation method and macro porous adsorption resin separation method. Using the content of total flavonoids in product and yield as the targets, optimal purification process was determined.(1) n-butyl alcohol was selected as extractant, the volumetric extraction was carried out under the assistance of inorganic salt, the content and yield of total flavonoids was64.4%and87.9%respectively;(2) The optimal purification process was shown like this:under normal temperature, AB-8resin2.0g, the concentration of sample was0.5mg·mL-1, the sample liquid dosage was26mL, the eluent was40%ethanol solution,adsorption velocity was1mL.min-1, the elution flow rate was1mL.min-1, the elution volume was30mL, the adsorption quantity of resin was6.45mg·g-1, and the desorption rate was99.0%. The total flavonoids purified from the leaves of heritiera littoralis was80.9%, the recovery rate is92.8%.(3) The AB-8macro porous resin exhibited the better adsorption ability by the comparison of two kinds of purification methods mentioned above.The antioxidant activity of total flavonoids purified from the leaves of heritiera littoralis was studied. The iodine method was employed to determine the peroxide value (POV) of total flavonoids. The result of lard and edible oil test was shown as follows:the total flavonoids of leaves of heritiera littoralis played antioxidative effect on lard and edible oil; the lower the POV value was obtained, the higher the total flavonoids content changed. It is proved that the total flavonoids in the leaves of heritiera littoralis have antioxidative activity, which provides theoretical foundation of purified and analysis the total flavonoids from the leaves of heritiera littoralis.

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