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Product Analysis of Bluetooth Headset and Mold Design

Author DuHongWei
Tutor GuanYanJin
School Shandong University
Course Materials Engineering
Keywords ESI CAE analysis system design
CLC TQ320.52
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Molds are the basic technical equipments for industrial production. The shape of molds determines the shape of products, and their processing quality and precision also determines the quality of those products. The mold technology level of a country has become one of important symbols to measure the manufacturing level of the country. In recent years, with the rapid development of plastic mold industry, the percentage of plastic molds will be increasing, and their precision and complexity also will be improving accordingly.The paper combines the current situation of mold industry at home and abroad, and analyzes the development trend of injection molds in future. Mold products develop towards the direction of being larger, quicker, more sophisticated, more complex and more economical. With the continuous improvement of products’ technical content, the production of molds is developing towards the direction of informatization, digitization, no image, refinement and automation; and the enterprises of molds are developing towards the direction of integrating technologies, refining equipments, informationizing management and internationalizing operation.Due to the higher and higher requirements of products for molds, the traditional design methods of molds are not able to meet the requirements of products in upgrading and quality improvement. The life cycle of consumer electronics determines the development trend of technologies for supporting enterprises to follow the trail of terminal manufacturers. As supporting enterprises, the enterprises of electroacoustic devices should begin to develop simultaneously with customers at the stage of customer design, to help customers in designing, so as to obtain the best results, improve the degree of adaptability with the products of customers and shorten the development time. Besides, the ESI work of mold design must be carried out effectively, and the quality of ESI work will directly determine whether the mold production can be successful or not.In recent years, CAE technique plays a more and more important role in the filed of injection molding, and adopting CAE technique can solve the problems arising from the process of injection molding completely. By using CAE technique, simulation analysis can be implemented on computers for the whole process of injection molding before the mold processing, to predict the situation of melt filling, pressure maintaining and cooling correctly, and forecast the stress distribution in products, the orientation distribution of molecules and fibers, the contraction and buckling deformation of products and other conditions, so as that designers can find out problems as soon as possible, and then modify parts and mold design in time, rather than return molds after mold testing.With the development of mold industry, there are more and more high requirements about processing precision, with strict requirements on the material of molds as well as the forming technology. The system components in molds are not independent, and actually they can interact and affect wit each other, therefore, it is required to consider the structure design of pouring gate, exhausting, ejection, guiding and other systems comprehensively, and then the quality of molds can be guaranteed. Some parts may have some special requirements in the process of molding, so molds still need many advanced technologies, including hot runner, injecting without leaving any trace, gas-assisted molding, nitrogen cylinder and so on.

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