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Studies on the Preparation and Impact Toughness of Winding Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composite Pipes

Author HuangDan
Tutor GengHongBin
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Space Materials and Processing
Keywords filament winding fiber reinforced epoxy composite pipes impacttoughness
CLC TQ327.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In this paper, the glass fiber reinforced epoxy composite pipes with windingangle of32°,45°,75°and89°were manufactured by homemade four-axes filamentwinding machine and the solidifying and forming process of glass steel tubes wereinvestigated as well. Three-point bending test, compression test and impact test werecarried out to obtain the high comprehensive performance winding process parameters.The effects of fiber content temperature, the existence of straight nick, the fiber’scontent, anti-friction materials inclusion and inner packing material on impacttoughness of glass steel tube with45°winding angle were analyzed to. Thethree-point bending stress and strain regularities of distribution were calculated byfinite element methods (FEM).Analysis and test results show that, FRP pipes with angle of32°and45°havehigh ability of resist impact because they had good lateral and longitudinal strength.The FRP pipes with small-angle fiber windings were not sensitive to straight nick.Impact toughness is directly determined by the fiber’s content, the more fiber contentincrease the impact toughness. Anti-friction materials inclusion have great influenceon impact toughness and large-angle is more obvious than small-angle. Thepolyurethane foam inner packing material can significantly improve the impacttoughness of the FRP pipes to about140%. To the glass reinforced FRP pipes, themost important factor on its impact toughness is temperature. From room temperaturedown to-196℃, the impact toughness with winding angles of32°FRP pipes fall to76%but45°FRP pipes fall by8%. As well, from room temperature rise to100℃,winding angles of32°FRP pipes’ impact toughness fall to44%and the other windingangle FRP pipes fall by52%. Anymore, when the temperature from25℃rise to150℃, the impact toughness with winding angles of32°FRP pipes fell by87%andthe other ones fall by91%. What’s more, the compression yield strength of the32°winding was highest and the three point flexural strength of45°winding angle ishighest.In summary, the FRP pipes made of EP201epoxy resin as matrix material andhigh-strength glass fiber as reinforcing phase with winding angle of45°possesses the best overall performance in all the winding angles.

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