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Study on Toughing Phenolic Foam

Author GaoWeiWei
Tutor QianKun
School Jiangnan University
Course Textile Engineering
Keywords Phenolic resin Phenolic foam PBT Chopped glass fiber Toughening
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Phenolic foam is known as the king of the thermal insulation material. Its heat insulationperformance is good, and so is the hot resistance to high temperature performance. It is thenew generation of fire insulation material. Because of phenol molecules with rigid benzenering structure, phenolic foam has a stable size, and Chemical composition is stable. It’ssuitable for large cold storage, storage tank, ships and various kinds of thermal insulation pipeand construction. Because of its flame retardant, low smoke, resistance to high temperature ofdifferent characteristics, It’s often used to the factories and machinery equipment which hasstrict fire prevention. However, phenolic foam also has some disadvantages, such asbrittleness, easy slag powder melt. Strength and thermal conductivity are affected by thedensity, etc. These shortcomings greatly restrict the application of phenolic foam in reality. Inthis paper, in view of the shortcoming of the phenolic foam’s brittleness and insufficienttoughness, toughening modification of phenolic foam is studied, to improve the mechanicalproperties of phenolic foam.Preparation and Properties of PBT toughened phenolic resin. This paper studies thesynthesis process of phenolic resin and different concentrations of PBT used in the process ofsynthesis for toughening modification of phenolic resin, after testing, the solid content,viscosity and other parameters are both the extent applicable. The infrared spectroscopy ofPBT modified phenolic resin proved that PBT has successfully grafted on phenolic resin. thenlaunched the reactionary. Using universal material testing machine, TGA and other testingequipment to Characterize and analyze the mechanical properties and thermal properties ofmodified phenolic resin. Experimental results show that the toughness, thermal stability andother important parameters of modified phenolic resin are improved, and when the PBTcontent is15to20%, the toughness of phenol resin is the best.Preparation and properties of glass fiber toughen the phenolic foam. First of all, on thebasis of PBT modifying phenolic resin, toughening phenolic foam with chopped glass fiber.And studying the effect chopped glass fiber toughening phenolic foam. Cell morphology, cellsize and cell distribution of phenolic foam were observed by SEM and video microscopy. Thestudy found that the modified phenolic foam bubbles are even and structural are complete.Then explore the toughening mechanism further. And the comprehensive performance ofmodified phenolic foam was studied. The study found that adding12%of3mm choppedglass fiber toughened compression performance of phenolic foam best. Its compressionstrength increased by38%; Adding8%of6mm chopped glass fibers toughed the tensileproperties of phenolic foam. Its tensile strength increased by47%; After adding glass fiber,the oxygen index of phenolic foam increased significantly. The flame retardant property ofphenolic foam whicn added12%of the3mm chopped glass fibers is best. The oxygen indexis44.1%.

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