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Preparation of High Strength Plastic Alloy Based on TPEE/TPU and the Study of Structure and Property

Author ZuoWenJuan
Tutor DingXueJia
School Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Course Materials Science and Engineering
Keywords Blends Thermoplastic polyester elastomer Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer Hydroxybutyronitrile crumb Strengthen Toughening
CLC TQ334.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPEE) and a thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) is a block copolymer having a micro-phase separation , the special micro - phase and molecular structure makes the two polymers exhibit a high mechanical strength , good flexibility, excellent impact resistance , creep resistance , oil resistance and low temperature performance , and its broad range of applications , is one of the focus of attention of researchers . TPEE matrix , using the mixing of TPEE could TPU and methods , trying to prepare a good processing performance , excellent mechanical properties of the polymer alloy , to expand its application areas . Polyether TPU and polyester - based TPU TPEE mechanical properties , thermal properties , dynamic mechanical properties , rheological behavior and the blend phase morphology . From the literature , few reports about TPEE / TPU blend research . Article having a \mechanical properties, rheological behavior . The results show that : TPEE / polyether-based TPU blends tensile strength with increasing TPU content first increased and then decreased trend when TPU quality parts to achieve maximum tensile strength of about 20 parts increased than that of pure TPEE 28.4% , the elongation at break of 621 % . The TPEE / polyester TPU BLENDS with increasing TPU pts.wt. , tensile strength and elongation at break , increasing tendency , when the TPU ADD pts.wt. to 50 parts , the tensile strength and elongation at break increased by 36.3% and 51.5% , respectively , the system of low-temperature impact strength decreased approximately 3KJ/m2 . Studies have shown that TPEE / polyether-based TPU blends and TPEE / polyester-based TPU blends TPU are granular evenly distributed in TPEE matrix , the formation of the sea - island structure , decentralized scanning electron microscopy (SEM) The relative size of about 1 micron . Carboxylated nitrile rubber powder (XNBR) , when the addition amount is less than 3% can be greatly improved elongation at break and low temperature impact properties of the polyether TPU's TPEE is the tensile strength and elongation at break significantly improved . The dynamic rheology results show , add XNBR TPEE / XNBR polyether TPU / XNBR blends complex viscosity increases .

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