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Studies on Synergistic Flame Retardant Effect of Hydrated Magnesium Hydroxide/Red Phosphorus for NR/LLDPE TPV

Author HuShu
Tutor LiZhiJun
School Hainan University
Course Materials Science
Keywords Thermoplastic elastomer Hydrated magnesium hydroxide / the mixed red phosphorus flame retardants The silane-modified Situ graft Limiting Oxygen Index
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Paper, natural rubber / linear low density polyethylene blend type thermoplastic elastomers (NR / LLDPE TPV) as the base material of the flame-retardant elastomer by Determination of mechanical properties, determine the optimum vulcanization process conditions of the elastic body, and a nano Si02 Suitable add ways and filling amount, respectively, the systematic study of the low molecular weight surface modifier and the glycidyl methacrylate / styrene / dicumyl peroxide (GMA / St / DCP) multi-monomers \compatibilizer modified Mg (OH) 2, red phosphorus and Mg (OH) 2 / red phosphorus compound the flame retardants NR / LLDPE TPV mechanical performance, flame-retardant effect. Means of SEM, DMA, TG, DTG and oxygen index method to study the structure and properties of flame-retardant TPV. NR / LLDPE TPV of the study show that: under the processing conditions determined by the research, the NR / LLDPE = 60/40 optimal performance; preparation of NR / LLDPE TPV is suitable processing conditions were as follows: the dynamic vulcanization temperature is 130 ° C, dynamic The curing time of 6min, and the the molded pressure of 17MPa and a molding time of 8min; nano-SiO2 filled mass fraction of 3%. Flame retardant of NR / LLDPE system TPV is the study showed that: Mg (OH) 2 / complex flame retardant of red phosphorus TPV good synergistic flame-retarding effect; after the processing of the surface-modified flame-retardant TPV mechanical properties and flame retardant effect has improved, the best modification effect of KH-550; GMA / St / DCP (8/4/0.3) monomer systems \modified method; compared with NR / LLDPE TPV, the tensile strength and tear strength retention ratio of the \when no black smoke and melting drops off the phenomenon of self-extinguishing the material flammability rating UL94V-1. Compatibilizer modified \The glass transition temperature, so that the flame retardant TPV has good cold resistance, low temperature impact resistance and high temperature thermal deformation. The experimental results show that the \The forces are significantly improved. The destruction of the material is not flame retardant particle aggregates defects and flame retardant particles with polymer weak interface caused mainly dispersed phase off the stick and LLDPE matrix deformation destruction.

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