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Studies on Mixing Formulations of Nicotine and Lambda-cyhalothrin

Author GuoChaoYang
Tutor ZhouLin
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Pesticides
Keywords nicotine lambda-cyhalothrin EC ME WE application performance
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Based on testing the allied toxicity of nicotine and lambda-cyhalothrin against Lipaphiserysimi (Kaltenbach), these optimum formulations20%nicotine lambda-cyhalothrin EC,10%nicotine lambda-cyhalothrin WE,10%nicotine lambda-cyhalothrin ME were eventually resultedon screening solvents, emulsifier, antifreeze, etc. Then we compared to three kinds offormulations by terms of application properties and field drug effect. The results were as follows:1. Though measuring the biological activity of nicotine and lambda-cyhalothrin againstLipaphis erysimi with leaf dipping method, while the synergistic activity was evaluated by usingthe method of co-toxcity coefficient. Finally, we screened out the9:1best ratio of nicotine andlambda-cyhalothrina. And EC,WE and ME of compound preparations followed as the ratio.2. Using the emulsification test method, a systematic screening of solvent and emulsifierwas done. We determined that the best formula of20%nicotine lambda-cyhalothrin EC was18%of nicotine, lambda-cyhalothrin2%,5%of emulsifier (0201: AES=7:3), and the solventxylene75%. And relevant quality inspections proved that the preparation conformed torequirements of the EC preparation commercialization.3. While the best formula of10%nicotine lambda-cyhalothrin ME was1%nicotine,9%lambda-cyhalothrin,3%xylene,15%emulsifier (T2507:601=1:3), and ethylene glycol3%,69%distilled water. On the basis of xylene as solvent, the formula was finished using HLB andtrial method and systematacially screening emulsifier and antifreeze. With reference to microemulsion quality standards, the tested report show that the distribution of pharmaceuticalpreparation meet the commercial requirements of the pesticide preparation.4. Similarly, for xylene as solvent and making systematic filter to emulsifying agent,antifreeze, and thickening agent, we ensured the best formula of10%nicotine lambda-cyhalothrin WE was1%nicotine,9%lambda-cyhalothrin,5%xylene,8%emulsifier(EIW+Tween80),0.6%Xanthan Gum,2%glycerol,74.4%distilled water.5. We tested some application performance such as surface tension and maximum stabilityallowance for three kinds of distribution of pharmaceutical preparations respectively. The resultsindicated that, when EC、WE and ME have the same dilution ratio, the adverage surface tensionof EC and WE were equal, and the adverage surface tension of ME was stronger than EC. Themaximum stability allowance of WE was higher than EC, and the maximum stability allowanceof ME was lowest. The field efficacy experiment results showed that, under the concentration of64mg/L, the control effect of EC and WE were94.74%and92.45%, the control effect were 9.86%and87.31%after7days. There was no significant difference between EC and WE, butthe control effect of ME was lower.6. During three kinds of mixtures between nicotine and lambda-cyhalothrin, the WE of10%nicotine and efficient lambda-cyhalothrin was similar to traditional EC, because they wereequal in application performance and field efficacy. Water-based development is the tendency forpesticide formulations.So WE will be an important dosage form for producing the mixtures ofnicotine and lambda-cyhalothrin.

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