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Synthesis、properties and Gel Properties of Novel Spiropyran Derivatives

Author ShenLiYing
Tutor YuHaiTao
School Hebei Normal
Course Organic Chemistry
Keywords Photochromic Small organic molecules gel New spiropyran Synthesis Characterization
CLC O626
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The compounds of the spiropyran class is typical of the photochromic compound, as a photochromic material of the discoloration resistance and good thermal stability; as organic optical storage material having a fast read speed, the recording properties such as high sensitivity, low cost; but the optical properties of the compounds of the spiropyran class, thermal properties can be adjusted by modifying the structure of the molecule. Because of these advantages has become a hotspot photochromic spiropyran, it is precisely because the the spiropyran compounds of these unique performance breakthrough is expected in the preparation of small organic molecules intelligent gel. This thesis contains two research purposes: First, introduction of different functional groups to the simple spiropyran compounds were designed and synthesized novel spiropyran compounds with different functional groups, in order to discoloration, anti-fatigue properties. good spiropyran compounds. The nature of the relationship between the structure and the nature of further study of the compounds of the spiropyran class, the compounds of the response to external stimuli such; second, Introduced to spiropyran based compound having a functional group may become a gel prepared spiropyran class of small molecule gelator, spiropyran compounds for new breakthroughs in the preparation of small organic molecules gel. Of this research work is divided into two parts: the first part is the basic raw materials as well as the synthesis and characterization of new spiropyran compound. Paper spiropyran SP1 and SP2, respectively, the nitrogen atom of the indole ring and the benzene ring of the indole of modified synthesized eight new spiropyran: SP3, SP4, SP5, SP6, SP7, SP8, SP11 of and SP12; cholesterol and 3,4,5 - tris (hexadecyloxy) benzoic acid as raw materials design synthesis Further SP9, two novel compounds, SP10. 10 target compounds are synthesized new compounds, has not been reported. In this paper, conclusive evidence of the structure using analytical tools such as IR, 1HNMR, MS and elemental analysis of the synthesis of new compounds. The second part of the research on the nature of the design and synthesis of new spiropyran compound and gel properties. We designed and synthesized novel spiropyran compounds SP1, SP3, SP4, SP5, SP6, SP7,, SP8, SP11 and SP12 were the properties of photochromic, pH, color, thermochromism, and more comprehensive depth Study of metal ions, the polarity of the solvent, the functional groups on the discoloration resistance of the spiropyran compounds, and the fading speed of the comparison. The study found that these novel spiropyran compounds, discoloration resistance, good color reproducibility and anti-fatigue properties, and a compound of the discoloration resistance by its structure, the external environment of the polarity of the solvent, the solution pH and metal ions, etc. and the impact of the structure itself. We also carried out the synthesis of new compounds of the spiropyran gel nature of the test, found that the functional group contained in the structure may promote molecular gelation, such as: cholesterol, tri (hexadecyloxy) benzohydrazide such novel spiro pyran SP6, SP9 and SP10 to have the nature of the organic solvent is gelled, the organic solvent in low concentrations can gelation, the formation of thermoreversible organogel. The compounds SP9 and SP10 both ethylene diamine to form a stable one-component gel into a stable two-component gel can and benzoylhydrazine line. The study found that the stability of these organic gel, and the gel phase transition temperature is influenced by the concentration of gelator.

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