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Preparation and Performance Evaluation of High-permeability Modified Asphalt Emulsion

Author JiZuoHe
Tutor ChenHuaZuo
School Chang'an University
Course Materials Science
Keywords Prime coat High-permeability emulsified asphalt Modified asphalt emulsion permeationeffect bonding strength
CLC TE626.86
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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As a new type of prime coat products, high-penetration emulsified asphalt is favored by road workersfor its excellent penetration effect, but studies for prime coat products always stopped at the comparison ofpenetration depth, So that the high-permeability emulsified asphalt has just reduced at greener alternativesof diluted asphalt or high diluted emulsified asphalt. As a transition layer, the importance of prime coatproducts to guarantee pavement structural integrity is given a cold shoulder.To develop high-permeability modified asphalt emulsion that has good bonding performance, goodpenetration and can resist of water, at first, this paper studies the penetration mechanism, then prepare formodified asphalt emulsion that has stable performance, and through the orthogonal test to confirm themixing amount of every adding material that affect the penetration performance of emulsified asphalt,including emulsifier, diluents, penetrant and modifier, etc, so as to determine a preliminary scheme ofhigh-permeability emulsified asphalt. And then combine with the interlayer shear strength test to confirman optimized proposal which can guarantee the penetration depth, have sufficient bond strength at the sametime, at last compared with better products through commonly detection methods and laboratory tests, ourproduct is approximate with MC-70cutback asphalt in penetration depth, but the shear strength0.91MPa isgreater than the latter of0.21MPa.As a good prime coat material, the high permeability modifies asphalt emulsion can be an effectivesolution to improve low permeability of common emulsified asphalt, low bonding strength of cutbackasphalt, and through the performance comparison and verification, the performance is better. Finallyrecommend two different emulsified asphalts used in prime coat for different highway grade pavement,they can satisfy the requirement of penetration depth is greater than5millimeter, and have certain bondingstrength, also can better improve the bonding situation between semi-rigid base and binder course.

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