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Shan215Wellblock in Yulin Gas Field Development Potential Prediction Research

Author YinHuZuo
Tutor ChenJunBin
School Xi'an University of Petroleum
Course Oil and Gas Field Development Project
Keywords Low permeability Reservoir pressure Dynamic reserves Produciton andconstruction
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Yulin gas ifeld is located in the northeastern ordos basin,belongs to the sandstone gasreservoir, upper palaeozoic. With low pressure,low permeability, low yield and lowabundance. As yulin south end of the construction of the capacity of the yulin gas field for thesouthern distirct t3o20X108m/a scale into the stable phase. Therefore, strengthen the gasreservoir dynamic analysis, dynamic tracking simulation gas field, the evaluation of gas ifelddevelopment potential, develop sustainable countermeasures, prolonged stable gas productionwill become the main work of yulin gas ifeld. Also realize the important guarantee ofsustainable development of changqing gas.Based on using the data of dynamic evaluation of gas field development potential, theifrst to evaluate the formation pressure, formation pressure of gas well mining energyrelfected,so use a variety of methods to evaluate the formation pressure, the gas fielddevelopment potential evaluation is very important. The next is to verify the geologicalreserves of gas ifeld,reserves are a mateiral base for ifeld development potential. This paper,by using the dynamic method to evaluate the reserves of gas reservoir, including pressuredrop method, the flowing material balance method, production instability analysis, methodsof numerical simulation, field in the different development stages according to the differentmethods. The third is to implement of gas well produciton capacity, with the formationpressure drop, gas well production capacity will decrease. On gas well production capacity isthe basis of field size, determine the gas well production capacity, production well testmethod is effective, but because of the capacity test will cost longer time and larger test fee,so can be combined with the single point test, typical wellblock pressure analysis, reservoirnumeircal simulation and reservoir engineering method is combined’ to carry out the currentcapacity of gas Wells.Through the evaluation and implementation of erserves,production capacity, pressure,combined with the existing mining pattenr, the reliable geologic model is established, on thebasis of history matching of gas well production performance, stable yield potential of gasmay be made more reliable evaluation, to guide the production and management of gas field.

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