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The Reform and Experimental Research of Oil Mist Lubrication System in Atmospheric Vacuum Distillation Factory

Author ShangJin
Tutor CaoHeng
School East China University of Science and Technology
Course Power Engineering
Keywords Oil-Mist Lubrication Atomization pumps transformation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The oil mist lubrication system is an advanced lubrication. Compared with traditional lubrication method, the oil mist lubrication has better lubrication effect, litter cost and higher automation level. It also makes equipment run high efficiency, low breakdown. However, the oil mist lubrication technology which is used in the machine pumps domestic is not mature enough. How to combine the advanced lubrication with the machine pumps has very important significance for the petroleum, petrochemical, and other industries to reduce the cost and diminish the fault.Under the analysis of the traditional way of compulsion lubrication shortages, this paper analyzes the lubrication system in pumps, and analysis the oil mist lubrication system deeply. The paper detailed analyses atomization mechanism of oil mist lubrication device. It processes experimental verification and academic analysis for the main factors of influencing atomization effect lubricating oil temperature, air temperature, air pressure, air rate of flow, structure of the oil mist generator, ratio of air and liquid quality, lubricating oil viscosity and so on. We obtain relation curves of atomization quantity and various parameters by a large number of measuring data. The main factors of influencing atomization effect and the range of its optimal value are discovered. Through monitor the application data, we analyze the advantage and disadvantage of the oil mist lubrication system and finish transformation. After the modification, the pumps lubrication effect is better, and it turns out to be safer, more reliable, and cost litter.

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