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Strength Analysis Research Based on ANSYS for Coal Mine Portable Refuge Chamber

Author LiuChunTing
Tutor SuMeng
School Liaoning Technical University
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords Gas Explosion Portable Refuge Chamber Finite Element Analysis Optimal Design
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In China most of mines, the incidence of gas and coal dust explosion, the roofcollapsed, the floods, the fires and other accidents is very high, not only caused seriouseconomic losses, but also lead to a large number of casualties. Therefore, the countriesof the world are vigorously developed coal mine portable refuge chamber, to provide asafe confined space for the miners who are unable to evacuate when the accident ishappened.Escape capsule can withstand external explosion shock and high temperature flue gas.What’s more, it can provide oxygen, food and water, remove toxic or harmful gases, andwin longer survival time for internal trapped miners. Meanwhile, the trapped miners canguide the outside rescue through the hold communication testing equipment. Therefore,the antiknock performance of escape capsule is very important.Through the analysis of domestic and foreign related literature, this project usingANSYS and LS-DYNA software establishes the three-dimensional finite element modelof coal mine portable refuge chamber. The ultimate strength and deformation of theportable refuge chamber are simulated under the acting of equivalent triangle waveexplosion numerical dynamic simulation loads calculations. Through the above loadingnumerical simulations, determine the dynamic load capacities of the refuge chamber aswell as the deformation rules with given gas/gas and coal dust explosion overpressurevariation. According to the analysis results, the optimized analysis of the portablerefuge chamber is made, which provide the guidance and foundation to the design of theportable refuge chamber and estimating the capability of resistance impact.Through the dynamic analysis of escape capsule shell, we can judge that the escapestructure can bear peak overpressure for main0.6MPa, function of time for300msimpact loads, structural strength meet the requirements, stiffness and also satisfydisplacement requirement. Through the structure optimization, the material and cost aresaved in the strength and stiffness meet requirement conditions.

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