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Research on CO Migration Rules and Control Technologie in the Huge Goaf of Fully Mechanized Coal Face of Spontaneous Combustion Coal Seam

Author WangXinYu
Tutor ZuoJianMing
School Taiyuan University of Technology
Course Safety Engineering
Keywords Spontaneous combustion coal-seam Large goaf Lowtemperature oxidation Migration law Numerical simulation ControlTechnology
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The majority of mine working seam of Shendong Mining Area is spontaneous combustion coal seam so there is a huge hidden danger for spontaneous combustion. You can get a rough idea of it from the spontaneous combustion accident in the goaf of Bulanta Coal Mine in May,2012. It is so important to carry out an early prediction and forecasting on spontaneous combustion of coal. Since2000, the continuous overrunning of CO has taken place at the return air corner in the coal face of Shendong Mining Area. But the symbolic gas could not be detected through monitoring the goaf, meanwhile the coal temperature at the goaf did not remarkably increase and the overrunning of CO at return air corner has a great interference to the prediction and forecasting of spontaneous combustion of coal. Therefore, the research on CO migration rules and CO control measures at the return air corner in Shendong Huge Mining Area can play an influential role in safeguarding the mine safety production.In this article, the analysis is conducted on the low temperature oxidation properties of Shendong Coal and the analysis and test are also conducted with TG—DTA. The researches are conducted on low temperature oxidation, temperature programming experiment and on mechanism and change rules of the original occurrence experiment on CO at coal seam to CO production from coal. Secondly the research is conducted on the CO migration rules in the huge goaf through the field measurement, CFD simulation of CO migration rules in the huge goaf and in combination with the characteristics of the huge goaf in Shendong Mining Area. An analysis is conducted on the CO source at return air corner in Shendong Mining Area in combination with the experimental research and the CO migration rules in the huge goaf and the overrunning control technical measures on CO at air return corner is put forwards as well.The main contents and conclusions are as follows:(1) Recognize the coal macromolecular substances as a kind of complex uncertain, the active functional groups and the role of oxygen, is the main cause of coal and oxygen reaction and process, through Shengdong coal industrial analysis of coal properties, micro pore structure, specific surface area and active functional group provides the material basis for the low temperature oxidation, and accelerated the Shengdong coal low temperature oxidation process.(2) By thermogravimetric (TG), differential thermal analysis (TG DTA) experiment can be obtained at various stages in the process of coal in heating characteristics and related parameters of the temperature change. Program through the coal low temperature oxidation experiment and coal heating experiments can be realized during the process of coal at room temperature and heating CO. we also found the Shengdong coal gas which is iconic in the different stages of spontaneous combustion of coal.(3) The occurrence of coal seams natively CO experiment, test the CO content in the original coal samples Shengdong seam, a clear grasp of the typical coal seam CO original occurrence, the experiment provide an experimental basis to Shengdong Mine return corner CO Source analysis.(4) Through observation Shengdong mining area of fully mechanized face large mined-out area in CO and O2.We can get the distribution goaf "three belts" and the distribution relationship with CO, the research is conducted on the CO migration rules in the huge goaf through the field measurement, CFD simulation of CO migration rules in the huge goaf and in combination with the characteristics of the huge goaf in Shendong Mining Area.(5) Based on Experiments and CFD simulations, analysis the CO sources of Shendong Face God return corner, so we could proposed control technologies in the huge goaf of fully mechanized coal face.1) According to the characteristics of Shengdong face large mined-out area, and then develop mining, mining in the aspects of optimization measures are put forward.2) In Safety monitoring, the use of coal process temperature oxidation experiments to expand the focus on monitoring of spontaneous combustion of coal the iconic gas on the key areas, the spontaneous combustion potential risk of rejection in the bud.3) In the ventilation system, this paper puts forward mining working face "U" type ventilation mode into "U+L" type or "Y" type ventilation.4) In ventilation management, combining Shengdong mining area the operation situation, put forward concrete measures to control coal oxidation, reducing the mining return corner CO transfinite frequency.5) By adopting voltage sharing, goaf wind resistance regulation, as well as the working face goaf injection liquid CO2, inject gel or three-phase foam into the return air side of the lane and other measures to reduce air leakage to control float coal oxidation. So we coulud inhibition CO in goaf to Return air corner.At last we take measures to CO that is produced in cut coal and vehicles which is also take impact on return corner CO concentration

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