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The Research and Application of the Liquid CO2Fire Extinguishing Technology in the Governance of the High-gas Coal Mine Fire

Author RuanZengDing
Tutor ZuoJianMing
School Taiyuan University of Technology
Course Safety Engineering
Keywords High gas mine external causes fire liquid carbon dioxide fullymechanized coal face closed fire zone
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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China’s state-owned coal mine have fire more than60%,which the direct result of high-quality coal loss have accumulated to more than4.2billion tons, and still increases the speed from2000to3000at an annual,leading to waste a large number of coal, so the active mine fire control technology is an urgent problem. when the fire occur in the coal mine,especially in the high-gas coal mine,a wide range of close fire zone of injection of inert gas to the fire area has become a safe and efficient solution.This article starts from the mechanism of inert gas carbon dioxide and the fire-fighting feature, Using the typical indication gas、the mine fire characteristic curve、the fire area burning state analysis criteria and complemented by the gas monitoring system which can closely monitor the fire area, timely adjustment carbon dioxide injection parameters to improve the efficiency of the carbon dioxide injection extinguish system.Through the long-term monitoring of the gas to analysis the data during the N1203Face extinguishing fire. The carbon dioxide injection and effects are studied and analyzed. Fire zone on the basis of carbon dioxide injection analysis which to make an objective analysis of the injecting carbon dioxide fire extinguishing effect, better guidance mine fire extinguishing work to ensure the safety of the mine production.The main research contents and results are as follows:1、Injecting the inert gas of carbon dioxide to the fire zone, the trend of oxygen and carbon monoxide in the fire area decreases and extent of carbon dioxide mine fire has a good inhibitory effect;2、Since the carbon dioxide with respect to other gas for the coal mine having a strong adsorption, and bigger molecular weight which can be better drive alternate flammable gas of oxygen in the fire zone, and at the same time rapid dilution fire area, so it has a positive fire control effect;3、For buried in the deep sources of ignition, liquid carbon dioxide can asphyxia coal surface fire source and inhibit the development of fire, cool fire exposed the surrounding temperature, and even completely extinguished the fire source;4、The liquid carbon dioxide system runs safely、stably and simple,you can quickly run the place and the fire district effective implementation perfusion, fire control and extinguish the fire has a considerable advantage, so carbon dioxide in the mine fire governance has broad application platform.

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