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Advanced Water Detective Prediction and Disaster Governance in Bauxite Mine

Author FuZongZhi
Tutor CaoPing
School Central South University
Course Architecture and Civil Engineering
Keywords Advanced Water Detection TRT6000 Backfill Grouting Pipe Shed Supporting Method Water Disaster
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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ABSTRACT:The geological conditions of SanMenxia Duancun-Leigou bauxite ore in Henan province is extremely complex. The water inrush, caves, broken belt have been troublesome problems during the mine infrastructure, roadway design requirements must be followed the principle of "any doubt lead to probe, probe lead to digging". to ensure constructional safety. Currently, In the Construction traditional method have been utilized which is boreholes submersible drilling detection. Because of its limited detection range, slow progress, high cost, poor operability, it delayed the construction schedule significantly, caused the mine infrastructure duration lag, affecting the whole of the mine economic benefits.This article carried out TRT6000advanced water forecast exploration industrial test in the underground roadway to obtain characteristics of the geological formations forecast conditions, especially the spatial location of the occurrence of water underground, in this way, acquire the basic guarantee for accurate control before the construction of the underground hidden water on mine construction, this will provide a lot of guidance and help. TRT6000advanced water exploring detection technology in the tunneling construction can be popularized in various types of mining roadway excavation and improve-depth understanding of the surrounding rock conditions, especially groundwater, reducing production costs to a certain extent, avoiding security incidents, improving efficiency and accelerating the production and construction of the mine.Base on the Exploring water works, this paper dealt with the water disaster in the shafts and drift construction of the Duancun-Leigou bauxite ore project. Put forward the scheme of water grouting pre-grouting in the gushing face support after the roadway gushing Lane wall combine with the program conducted water-related disasters governance. The actual project proved the scheme of Face Pregrouting combine with wall grouting joint work well in the flood shafts as dugging through the weak and washy layer. For now, four shafts have bottomed and the puzzles in construction drifting roadways in the level of420m and390m of7th air shaft have been solved. It state the scheme for the water disaster is a less cost-effective solution to gushing issues, it is able to reduce drainage costs greatly, to ensuring the project construction’s safety and progress.For the key constructional problems in weak broken belt drifting excavation, the thesis combined mine geological rock formations the actual surrounding rock quality and detection of underground water and then analyze the key mechanical characteristics of rock breaking, thus designed the pipe-shed support scheme. Through the practical constructional test, conclusions are showed following:1) Pipe Shed advanced support for weak rock bauxite Hill Lane Construction is a very effective support, not only to ensure construction safety, to prevent a large area slabbing and roof collapse, but it will save the project construction investment, improve mine overall economic benefits, it is worth the promotion of the use.2) Pipe-shed advanced support program may be appropriate to use a combination of advanced small pipe grouting strengthening the surrounding rock measures, its reinforcement effect is very significant, especially in the broken rock.The results of this research provide an important guiding role for similar construction, provides a useful reference for future rich in water content and conditions similar to mine roadway construction.

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