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Analysis on Spontaneous Combustion Management and Stability of Coal Gangue Heap

Author ManChaoZuo
Tutor WangTieXing
School Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course Geotechnical Engineering
Keywords coal gangue spontaneous combustion extinguishing fire by grouting stability treatment
CLC TD752.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Coal gangue are discharged from the process of coal mining and washing, ifgangue long-term open dumps and be not addressed, it can not only lead to collapse,landslides and mudslides and other geological disasters, in addition, the sulfurcontained in the coal gangue can cause spontaneous combustion, combusted gangueproduce a lot of smoke and release a large number of harmful gases, so it has greatharm to the safety of environment and the healthy of human race. Though numerousanalysis on spontaneous combustion management of coal gangue heap have been doneat abroad, some methods also belong to explored stage, as well the components andmechanical properties of gangue are different, their geographical location difference isvery big, so foreign management methods can not be directly applied in China.According to the current research status of coal gangue spontaneous combustionmechanism, the research has yet to form a more perfect theoretical system, it is still onthe stage of accumulation of test data now. At the same time, the slope stability studyof coal gangue heap has some problems. So,it is necessary to study the prevention andtreatment of spontaneous combustion of coal gangue and mountain stability。According to a lot of research data and theoretical results, studied the spontaneouscombustion mechanism and management methods of coal gangue heap, combined withtreatment engineering of the coal gangue heap at Sang Shuping Coal Mine, studied thespontaneous combustion control method and the heap stability. Indoor and field testssuggest that, when grouting extinguishing fire technology is adopted, added a certainproportion of limestone in clay as the grouting extinguishing fire material would havebetter effect, clay with lime preparation of slurry concentration and the proportion in this article has good stability and rheology though engineering practice, and they canbe used as the reference for other management engineerings. In order to evaluatestability the coal gangue heap of Sang Shuping Coal Mine accurately, used finiteelement analysis software ABAQUS to analysis the slope stability of coal gangue heap,determined the coal gangue heap potential slip surface location and safety factor. Inorder to guarantee the stability of the slope, changed slope geometry and built retainingwall at the bottom of the critical slip surface to reinforce the slope, effectively improvethe stability of the coal gangue heap.

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