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Research on Air-Flowing Regularity in More Air Leakage Fully Mechanized Caving Face Goaf

Author FanChaoNan
Tutor QiQingJie
School Liaoning Technical University
Course Safety Technology and Engineering
Keywords Goaf Air Leaking Seepage Flow Field Numerical Simulation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Goaf air leaking can bring lots of hazard, a certain amount of oxygen is carried by air flowto promote the legacy of coal spontaneous combustion and a fire may be posed, and it is easy toproduce gas accumulation and gas disaster; it also reduces effective air flow and increasesventilation adjustment difficulties, these undoubtedly threaten the underground production safetyand the safety of workers.Goaf was simplified to isotropic porous media model; then according to the theory of fluidmechanics and porous media fluid dynamics theory and seepage mechanics theory, fluentsimulation software was used to simulate Hongmiao mine three sources and two sinks goafleakage flow field distribution law, then gaof”three zones” was divided, with judgement thatresidual coal did not have coal spontaneous combustion danger, and other conclusion was gotthatgoaf still had “three zones” distribution in different heights range, and not only did residualcoal have spontaneous combustion in goaf horizontal direction, but also in a certain heightamount of space, that risk characteristics was existed.By changing simulation parameters, the leakage flow field was predictively analyzed, thesize of amount of air leakage amount had impact to goaf three zones, and when the position andnumber of air leakage source and air leakage sinks were the same, With the amount of airleakage increased, oxidation zone also would be widened; when then air leakage amount wasunchanged, the position and number of air leakage source and air leakage sinks had impact togoaf three zones, with air leakage source or air leakage sinks distance face farther, oxidationzone would be widened, those were important to prevent mine spontaneous fire and master themine residual coal spontaneous combustion region.

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