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Study on Fire Prevention and Research in Goaf of Special Thick Coal Seam in Feng Shuigou Coal Mine

Author LiuZhao
Tutor LiangYunTao
School Liaoning Technical University
Course Safety Technology and Engineering
Keywords Special thick coal seam Spontaneous Combustion Iconic Gas CarbonMonoxide Prevention and Control measures
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Many mines have coal bed thickness over8meters in northern of China, is a specialthick seam. The extra-thick coal seam slice mining, its goaf spontaneous combustiondue to the legacy of coal and more serious air leakage reason the situation is even moreserious. In this thesis,6-3B coal bed Ping-zhuang energy Feng-shuigou coal mine istypical. The average thickness of the coal seams of27.5meters and soft coal and rockcaving goaf region prone to spontaneous combustion in a large number of legacy coal.CO comes mainly from the goaf spontaneous combustion oxidation is an importantindicator of the coal production process is often used to monitor the fire accident.However, relying solely on the detection of CO and can not be a good process todetermine the spontaneous combustion of the mined zone, so the need for spontaneouscombustion iconic gas analysis and preferred. This paper by simulating coalspontaneous combustion in a series of related experiments, the researchers determinehow suitable the goaf spontaneous combustion forecasting indicators gas.The CO of goaf area come from different ways, accurate determination of CO todetermine the goaf spontaneous combustion process is an important work. This paperstudies the coal bed CO produced in the crushing of the coal cutting process bysimulating coal crusher experiment, initially identified Mined region about10%of thecarbon monoxide is generated in coal crushing process.Through collecting the face gas composition, temperature, air volume, date stopingdistance and the recovery rate parameters at the scene, combined with coal spontaneouscombustion danger zone determination theory by simulating goaf made the “ThreeBand”. Finally, according to the actual conditions of the above conclusions andmine.We get two measures to Prevent fire as the goaf nitrogen injection and grouting atthe same time.

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