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Recycling Water-resisting Key-stratum for Mine with Great Water and Researching of Its Safety Reliability

Author JiaMing
Tutor DengHongWei
School Central South University
Course Safety Technology and Engineering
Keywords Mine with great water Water-resisting key-stratum Mining Environment Reconstruct Delphi method Safety reliability
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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How to take effective measures to achieve safety mining in mine with great water is the focus of research at home and abroad for that underground mine water prevention and control is not only a systematic project,but also a difficulty in mine with great water.It will contribute to improving our flood mining technical level, and the effective protection of regional groundwater resources to carry out research on mine with great water safety mining technology.An in-depth study of the technology of underground mine water prevention and control is carried out based on the subject that the transition from open pit to underground mining of Xinqiao Mining Industry Corporation with the guidance of reengineering theory to the mining environment, and the integrated use of theoretical analysis and numerical simulation method. And as follows are the main research contents:(1) On the basis of in-depth analysis of China’s mine water prevention and control technology in mine with great water, the basic idea of recycling water-resisting key-stratum is proposed; at the same time, the principle and conceptual model of water-resisting key-stratum is discussed in detail, as well as the basic principle and technology system of water-resisting key-stratum recycling.(2) Based on the theory of compressive strength, the mechanical model of water-resisting key-stratum analyzed first,and next the failure mode of water-resisting key-stratum on the mining disturbance conditions, and then the reasonable thickness of the water-resisting key-stratum is theoretically predicted to achieve the theoretical minimum value.(3) The injury and the overall stability of the water-resisting key-stratum under the layered excavation, then filled conditions is simulated based on the3D geological model which is established by3DMINE, MIDAS/GTS software and the numerical analysis of fluid-structure interaction by FLAC3D software.The results showed that: Themaximum plastic failure depth of water-resisting key-stratum isl9.8m,which means the water-resisting key-stratum is stable in mining disturbance conditions, and it is an effectivebarrier to underground water.(4) Based on the analysis of the factors affecting the safety and reliability of the water-resisting key-stratum, the safety reliability, failure probabilityof water-resisting key-stratum is calculated for further verification of the safety and reliability of water-resisting key-stratum with the JC method and the optimization method and Monte Carlo Method based on the principle of optimality taking advantage of Matlab software programming. An evaluation model based on Delphi method and ideal point method is established, by which we can classify the Safety reliability of the water-resisting key-stratum.

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