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The Process Analysis of Large Steel Casting Based on the Numerical Simulation

Author LiuZhenHua
Tutor ShiYanGuo
School Yanshan University
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords numerical simulation large casting steel riser gating system stress filed
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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For large steel casting, it is more difficult to control casting’s quality and the castingprocess is easy to produce defects such as shrinkage, cracking, roll gas and sand inclusion.So, for large steel casting numerical analysis the process of temperature field, flow field,stress field is indispensable. This topic came from "20000tons of hard alloy horizontalextruding machine" key state science and technology projects. In this paper, taking theextruder front beam casting process simulation as an example, author formulated a set ofspecifications of large steel casting process simulation.By using numerical simulation method analyzed the formation mechanism of defectssuch as shrinkage, cracking which produced in the casting process of front beam, and byusing finite element software ProCAST analyzed the process of casting temperature field,flow field and stress field. In temperature field analysis, three kinds of methods whichincluded solid fraction, temperature gradient, Niyama criterion, were adopted to predictthe shrinkage porosity defect. Through designed reasonable risers, the shrinkage porositydefect were eliminated eventually. In the numerical analysis of flow field during the fillingprocess, the author designed a reasonable gating system, and adopted numericalsimulation and hydraulics calculation two ways analyzed the two kinds of process scheme.Eventually proved that the optimization process could effectively eliminate thephenomenon of turbulent flow. In stress field analysis, the influence factors of hotcracking formation of castings were found. Through the optimization process, the castingcracking and deformation defects were reduced.Through the typical casting process of numerical simulation, the numericalsimulation technology in the production of the practical application was realized. Theaccuracy of the process was improved and ensured the rationality of the process. It greatlyreduced the cost of the product design and the design cycle, improved the enterpriseeconomic benefit finally.

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