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Simulation Analysis and Blank Shape Optimization of Deep Drawing Earing for Compressor Shell

Author WuShiPeng
Tutor HuZhongXun
School Hunan University
Course Vehicle Engineering
Keywords Compressor shell Earing Anisotropy coefficients Stamp formingsimulation analysis Blank shape optimization Response surface method
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Sheet metal forming is widely used in automobile, household appliances industry.The refrigerator compressor shell is a cylindrical componment, which is formed by hotrolled and pickled steel. Due to the anisotropic properties of hot-rolled pickled plate,Material characteristics often make this kind of cylindrical parts appear lugsphenomenon during stretching,Which seriously affecting the forming quality andaccuracy. Based on the theory of plastic forming and the finite element method, makinguse of sheet metal forming numerical simulation software AUTOFORM,simulate andanalyzes the forming process of a certain type of compressor upper shell. The main workwas carried out as follows:Inverse Modeling. By digital detection technology, the point cloud data of parts areobtained, and then be imported to the CAD software and to be filtered and meshed,established the triangular grid, after structure curve and surface. and then via trimming,chamfering, extension, connection operation to construct the integrated parts shape.Forming simulation experiments and analysis. The simulation model was madethrough AUTOFORM. Material and process parameters, which is closely related with theforming results, was served as variables, taking part in single factor test and orthogonaltest. According to the forming limit diagram and result to analyse and find out the keyfactors affecting the earing.Blank shape optimization. Regarding the original parts as the reference object,setting the appropriate limits of tolerance and using the isotropic material. In theAUTOFORM Trim module. By the static implicit algorithm iteratively calculate thedeviation between the boundary of forming result and design part. And graduallyoptimize, reversely work out the blank shape which meet the requirement of tolerance.Established the Approximate model based on response surface method. The samplepoints of anisotropic coefficients was extracted by using uniform Latin square method.They are respectively set up different material models and used to simulation experiment.After analyzing the test result, four factors was choosed as variables and earing value astarget function, response surface approximate model was constrctued by using MATLABnumerical analysis software and multivariate regression analysis function. Bycomparison with the value of relationship surface function and simulation result,precision of the response surface approximate model meet the requirements. The simulation experiments and analysis is carried out based on the problemsexisting in the actual production. Related aspects are deeply discussed includingprocess,material,plastic forming theory etc.The research has important theoreticalsignificance and practical engineering value for process design.

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