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Study of Influence of Punch Speed on Sheet Metal Forming Based on Servo Press

Author YuJianJun
Tutor ChenWenLin
School Hefei University of Technology
Course Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords Servo Press Punch Speed Strain Rate Last Door Panel
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Accompanied by the development of the automotive industry focus on energysaving and environmental protection, automobile manufacturing technology andequipment are required to develop in the direction of the intelligent and flexible,Servo press arises at the historic moment. The servo press get rid of energy-consuming components such as traditional presses flywheel and clutch, the ACservo motor was used as the power source of the press to achieve the slide motioncharacteristics controlled, stamping flexible, intelligent needs were met.In this paper, the effects of stamping speed changes on sheet metal formabilitywas researched during the process of stamping based on the servo pressescharacteristics. Take the automobile tail door panel for example, by changing thecurves based on the servo presses, high use of low-quality materials was achieved,quality assurance was realized, production costs was reduced at the same time.First of all, take DC53D_ZF as the research object, experiment of mechanicalproperties was conducted, fit the constitutive equation in different strain rates.Box-shaped parts, for example, the finite element models for box-shaped parts ofdifferent stamping speed are established. Via observing the variation regulation ofthe parameters such as node stress, strain, thickness and strain rate during speedchange process, reasonable punch velocity curve was obtained then.Secondly, the process of Last Door Panel analyzed to determine the process parameters in the raw material DC54D_ZF, and the finite element model is established based on sheet metal forming finite element analysis software to predict the possible defects of the part forming process and obtain a reasonable process parametersand qualified parts. Under the same conditions, simulate and prediction the last door panel of DC53D_ZF replacement DC54D_ZF is replaced by DC53D_ZF, the result is analyzed by numerical simulation method under circumstance of the constantstrength calculation, the results shows that under the condition of existing equipment and technology, adopting DC53D_ZF feasibility of replacing the original material was not optimistic.Thirdly, based on the box-shaped member, the press-forming speed curve wascreated, the corresponding nodes parameters such as stress and strain were analyzed in the change process of stamping speed. The simulation results show that thematerial replacement the last door panel forming process can be achieved through achange in velocity.Finally, according to the results of finite element analysis, the last door panelwas production debugging by the servo press, the results of commissioning andsimulation are basically the same and get the qualified DC53D_ZF parts. Theresults not only realize the image of replacing the materials but also can providesome theoretical guidance to the companies for improving the productionefficiency.

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