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The Design of T/P System to a Seven Free Degree TIG Welding Robot

Author BaiJiuYang
Tutor WangBin
School Shenyang University
Course Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords TIG welding Robot T/P System PIC16F877A Visual Basic6.0
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the rapid development of computer technology, information technology and motor technology,the automated welding technology is improving, among which the welding robot technology is the mostsignificant one. With the widely use of robots in welding process, we can improve the welding qualityand production efficiency, at the same time reduce production costs and labor intensity. Most of thewelding robots are T/P robot, which need a teach process to deal with the operations accurately andefficiently. T/P system, as the control system of welding robot, has an vital effect on the entire operationof the robot. This paper is a design of seven free degree welding robot T/P system.The paper analyzes the background of the current TIG welding robot technology firstly, andproposed a new seven free degree TIG welding robot accordingly, which has advantages such asmaking-easy structure, massive-easy design and special adjusted.In mechanical structure design and drive system design part, this paper conducts the structuredesign, including the right angle part, the turnover part and the joint part. Meanwhile, it conducts thedesign of servo drive system.In the graphical user interface (GUI) design part, based on Visual Basic IDE, this paper design agraphical user interface system, including the initialization interface, trajectory learning interface, teachreproduction interface and welding parameter setting interface Design. Meanwhile, it also defines themake and translate rule of16-bit information code.In circuit design part, based on Protel99SE, this paper design an control circuit, including mainschematic, power supply module schematic, co-control schematic and executive-control schematic.Meanwhile, it design a printed circuit board (PCB) accordingly.In the program design part, based on MPLAB IDE and C language, this paper conducts theprogramming progress, including co-control microcontroller programming and executive-controlmicrocontroller programming.In the simulate part, based on ProtuesISIS, this paper conducts simulation of TIG welding robotteaching system. In the experiment part, based on the experimental TIG welding robot and experimentalcircuit, this paper conducts trace experiments, including single free degree and multi-free degree traceexperiment, whose results meet the requirements.

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